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Missouri Geological Survey Geosciences Technical Resource Assessment Tool (GeoSTRAT)

Drill Areas

This data set contains the boundaries of official special well drilling areas located in the State of Missouri. The purpose of the Water Well Drillers Act, section 256.600 to 256.640 RSMo, and the regulations written to enforce this statute, is to establish standards that will protect Missouri's groundwater. The quality of groundwater in Missouri varies considerably across the state. Some areas have abundant, high quality groundwater while wells in other areas have natural highly mineralized or muddy water. In some areas of Missouri, pre-existing land use and other practices, such as waste disposal, have contaminated the aquifer. Because of the variability of groundwater quality in Missouri, these regulations cannot guarantee that water produced from a properly constructed well will be of usable quality. The well construction regulations are designed to ensure that contamination from the surface is not entering the subsurface from an improperly constructed well. These regulations establish minimum specifications for well construction. In certain cases, more casing and grout may be necessary. Experienced permitted drillers and pump installers should be able to determine when more stringent construction will be necessary. For more information see http://www.dnr.mo.gov/geology/geosrv/wellhd/index.html