WR-72. Major Water Use in Missouri: 1996-2000 2.88 MB PDF, by Jeanette Barnett, 2004, 81 p., 114 figs., 10 tbls.

Major Water Use in Missouri: 1986 6.85 MB PDF - Information Circular 30, by Jeanette Barnett, 1989, 14 p., 27 figs.

WR-48. Water Use of Missouri (Missouri State Water Plan Series - Volume IV) 14.11 MB PDF, by Charles DuCharme and Todd Miller, 150 p., 36 figs., 14 tbls., 11 app., 1996. Price $24.00. Describes how Missouri is presently using its surface-water and groundwater resources. The report covers private and public water supplies, industrial and agricultural water uses, and water use for electrical power production, navigation, recreation, fish and wildlife.