The default screen that will appear when you select " Real-Time Data" is shown below. By default, the page will display the last seven days of data collected at 30-minute intervals. A maximum of 31 days of 30-minute data can be viewed using this website. To do so click on the "Days" window and change the days to any number up to 31. Longer-term data can also be viewed. To view a longer period of record, click on the "Real-time data" window and select "Daily data". This will automatically show one year of average daily water-level values. The average daily water level is the average of the 48 measurements taken at 30-minute intervals that day. The period of record to be displayed can be selected by changing the year-month-day values in the “Begin date” and “End date” boxes. You can save the graphs to files or email them by placing the cursor in the upper left corner of the graph. To download tabular data you can click on "Output format" and change it to one of several types of data tables, then cut and paste to your computer.

Viewing real-time data from USGS website image