The effect of the Sept. 8, 2017, magnitude 8.1 earthquake that occurred near Chiapas, Mexico was recorded by 24 of Missouri’s 148 groundwater-level observation wells, beginning at midnight (CDT) Sept. 7, 2017.

Groundwater-level observation wells record the level of water every 30 minutes. Some of the hydrographs (charts that display the change of a hydrologic variable over time) below show a significant spike. Note the scale on the left side. All of the fluctuations are less than 1 foot, while most are only one- or two-tenths of one foot. While 24 wells recorded the event, other sites may have been affected. Eighteen of these wells monitor the Ozark Aquifer, two are in the Mississippian/Springfield aquifer, two in the Bootheel alluvial aquifer, one in the Wilcox Aquifer, and one in St. Francois Aquifer. Two wells (Cuiver River and Pomme de Terre) are located in state parks.

Missouri Groundwater-Level Observation Well Network
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