In-Stream Sand and Gravel Mining Development of Proposed Stream Protection Rules Briefing Paper for the Development of Proposed Rules

Land Reclamation Commission's Adopted Proposed Sand and Gravel Rules

Table of Contents

Preamble, Land Reclamation Commission Workgroup and Background to the Workgroup
Attachment A - Workgroup Rule Recommendations
Attachment B - Workgroup Meeting Notes
Attachment C - Interested or Affected Groups
Attachment D - History of the Guidelines 
Attachment E - Original Rule Proposal 
Attachment F - What Other States Are Doing
Attachment G - November 2002 Letter to Senator Steelman
Attachment A - AGO Approval for Request to Begin A Rulemaking 
Attachment B - Examples of Environmental Damage Caused by In-Stream
                                       Sand and Gravel Operations
             Attachment C - Public Comments on Proposed Rules
             Attachment D - Research Studies on the Impacts of In-Stream Sand and Gravel
             Attachment E - Land Reclamation Statute References to Gravel Mining
Attachment H - Letters of Response to the Proposal

In-Stream Gravel Mining Rules Work Group Members

Abundance, Distribution and Characteristics of Gravel Mining Sites in Streams of the Salem Plateau, Missouri


May 22, 2003  - Commission Meeting


March 26, 2003 - Public Meeting

Research Studies and Related Documents Concerning In-Stream Sand and Gravel Mining Impacts:

In-Stream Sand and Gravel Mining Proposed Rules - Public Participation Process:

Land Reclamation Commission Special Meeting to Consider Adoption of Orders of Rulemaking

Final Regulations As Codified

Chapter 10-Permit and Performance Requirements for Industrial Mineral In-Stream Sand and Gravel Operations