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The Missouri Mining Commission is the ruling body over Missouri’s mining issues set forth in three separate state statutes. These mining statutes protect public health, safety and the environment from the adverse effect of mining and assure the beneficial restoration of mined lands. The eight-member commission includes four statutory and four public members. The statutory members are the state geologist, the director of the Missouri Department of Conservation, an expert in subsurface mining and the staff director of the Clean Water Commission. With Senate approval, the governor appoints four public members. Only two members of the commission may have a direct link with the mining industry. The Land Reclamation Program carries out the policies of the Missouri Mining Commission and provides the staffing necessary to regulate the state's mining industry.

The Missouri Mining Commission and Land Reclamation Program are responsible for the issuance of strip mining permits related to the mining of limestone, sand, gravel, clay, tar sands, barite, sandstone, granite and traprock. As part of the permitting process mining companies must provide financial assurances to the Land Reclamation Program that provide for reclamation should the company not be able to complete this activity. After the mining company completes all required reclamation, the commission releases these financial assurances and relieves the companies of any further reclamation liabilities. Hearings may be granted by the Administrative Hearing Commission (AHC), with respect to a proposed mining permit or when enforcement of a mining permit becomes necessary.

The commission also oversees Missouri’s Abandoned Mine Land Program. This program provides for the reclamation of abandoned coal mine sites within the state that include safety hazards such as steep and unstable highwalls and embankments, open mine shafts, abandoned mining equipment and facilities, dangerous impoundments, unsanitary trash dumps, and subsidence. Eligible environmental problems consist of acid mine drainage and sedimentation that pollute and clog streams. Finally, Missouri’s abandoned mine land emergency program allows the Land Reclamation Program to abate or control emergency situations in which adverse effects of past coal mining pose an immediate danger to the public.

Biennial Reports

Land Reclamation Biennial Report, 2014-2015
Land Reclamation Biennial Report, 2012-2013
Land Reclamation Biennial Report, 2010-2011

Upcoming Commission Meetings

April 26, 2018, 9 a.m.

Missouri Mining Commission Teleconference Meeting
Lewis and Clark State Office Building
LaCharrette Conference Room
1101 Riverside Drive
Jefferson City, Mo.

(Teleconference phone number: 1-877-865-9753 no pin or passcode needed)

Future 2018 Meetings:
Thurs., July 26
Thurs., Oct. 25

Call 573-751-4041 for more information about meetings.

Meeting Agenda and Minutes


March 21 | mmcagenda |

January 25 | Rescheduled for March 21


October 26 | mmcagenda | minutes

July 27 | Cancelled due to a light agenda

March 30 | mmcagenda | minutes

January 26 | Cancelled due to a light agenda

November 17 | 11-17-16mmcteleconferenceagenda | 11-17-16mmcminutes

September 22 | 9-22-16mmcagenda | 9-22-16draftmeetingminutes

July 28 | Cancelled due to a light agenda

May 26 | 5-26-16 mmcagenda | 5-26-16mmcminutes

March 24 | Cancelled due to a light agenda

Jan. 28 | 1-28-16 MMC Agenda | 1-28-16draftmeetingminutes

Nov. 19 - Cancelled due to a light agenda

Oct. 27 | 10-27-15mmcagenda | 10-27-15draftmeetingminutes

Oct. 19 | 10-19-15mmcagenda | 10-19-15draftmeetingminutes

Sept. 24 - Cancelled due to a light agenda

July 27 | 7-27-15mmcagenda | 7-27-15draftmeetingminutes

July 23 | 7-23-15 MMC Agenda | 7-23-15draftmeetingminutes

May 28 | 5-28-15 MMC Agenda | 5-28-15draftmeetingminutes

Mar. 26 | 3-26-15 MMC Agenda | 3-26-15 Draft Meeting Minutes

Jan. 22 – Cancelled due to a light agenda

For copies of minutes before 2015, please email the Land Reclamation Program or call 573-751-4041 or 800-361-4827.

More Information

Call 573-751-4041 for more information.

Missouri Mining Commission Members

  • Dr. Gregory Haddock – Chairman, Associate Provost of Graduate Studies and Special Programs, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville.
  • Mike Larsen – Vice Chairman, Jefferson City.
  • Dr. Leslie Gertsch – Associate Professor of Geological Engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rock Mechanics & Explosives Research Center, Rolla.
  • Aaron Jeffries – Department of Conservation, Designee, Legislative Liaison, Jefferson City.
  • Joe Gillman – State Geologist and Director of Missouri Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources, Rolla.
  • Chris Wieberg – Staff Director, Clean Water Commission, Department of Natural Resources, Jefferson City.
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy
  • Larry Lehman – Staff Director, Missouri Mining Commission, Department of Natural Resources, Jefferson City.