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We are here to ensure any new private well drilled in Missouri is constructed to minimum standards as set by state regulations. This helps protect our groundwater resources from contamination due to improperly construction wells. Staff in the Wellhead Protection Section regulate the construction of private water wells (this includes domestic and multi-family wells), irrigation wells, monitoring wells and heat pump wells. In addition, we regulate how to properly plug all types of wells. Below are general subjects that may be of interest you. Please let us know if you have any questions or any ideas about how we can work together better.

Exams for restricted and apprentice permits are now available online

Please contact the staff at 573-368-2165 to obtain a test ID and click on this link to take the exam.

Locate certified water wells, find locations of springs, mines, sinkholes and more using GeoSTRAT

Flooded Wells

The following external links provide precautions and steps to take if your well is impacted by flood waters. For more information on bacteriological testing for private drinking water please contact the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services or your County Health Department.

Abandoned wells present a hazard

An open well is considered abandoned when it can no longer be used or when it has not been in use for two years or more. Cisterns and wells with wide openings pose a serious physical hazard, especially to children and animals. Contaminants can enter our groundwater through all types of abandoned wells, including drilled wells. Learn more about plugging abandoned wellsPDF Document.

Report abandoned wells online

A feature is available using the online “Report an Environmental Concern” form that allows reporting of abandoned wells. To aid in location of the well, please provide GPS latitude and longitude coordinates when possible. You may add your email address if you would like to be contacted; otherwise, reporting is anonymous.

Cost-share funding available

The department's Soil and Water Conservation program has funds available for plugging water wells. The primary funding for these cost-share practices comes from the one-tenth-of-one-percent parks, soils and water sales tax. Details about the cost-share program are available at local district offices. Locate district offices at

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