The Industrial Minerals Advisory Council is authorized by statute 256.710 RSMo and was created to provide the department director with advice and counsel on the administration of the Geologic Resources Fund, work products to support the industrial mineral operators and all other matters brought before the council by the Department of Natural Resources Director. The membership of the Industrial Minerals Advisory Council is appointed by the Director of the Department of Natural Resources and is composed of representatives from the limestone, clay, sandstone, barite, granite, and sand and gravel producing community.  The Director of Missouri Department of Transportation shall also designate one member of the Council.  Members may be reappointed.

The Council (1) annually reviews with the state geologist the income received and expenditures made under sections 256.700 and 256.705 RSMo, (2) considers all information and advise the director of the Department of Natural Resources in determining the method and amount of fees to be assessed, (3) represents the best interests of the Missouri mining industry, and (4) serves in an advisory capacity in all matters pertaining to the administration of sections 256.700 and 256.710 RSMo.

The Council meets at least once a year but may convene as needed.

For more information about the Industrial Minerals Advisory Council or meetings, please contact the Missouri Geological Survey at 573-368-2100.

Industrial Mineral Advisory Council Members

  • Joe Gillman, Council Chairman, Missouri Geological Survey Director and State Geologist, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Rolla
  • David Ahlvers, Missouri Department of Transportation, State Construction and Materials Engineer, Jefferson City
  • Mikel Carlson, Limestone, Gredell Engineering Resources Inc. Jefferson City
  • David Keller, Clay, Harbison Walker Refractories, Fulton
  • Vacant, Sandstone
  • Vacant, Limestone
  • Chris Upp, Limestone, Conco Quarries Inc., Willard
  • Ryan Winter, Sand and Gravel, Winter Brothers Materials, St. Louis
  • Vacant, Barite
  • Vacant, Granite

Council Fact Sheet – PUB 2261

Industrial Mineral Advisory Council Meetings

Next Tentative Meeting Date: 
Thurs., Dec. 3, 2020
Margaritaville Lake Resort (in conjunction with the Missouri Limestone Producers Convention)
Osage Beach, Mo.

Portions of the meeting may be closed pursuant to Section 610.021 (1), (3), (13), and (14), RSMo.

Minutes taken at the Industrial Minerals Advisory Council meetings are not verbatim records of the meeting. Consequently, the minutes are not intended to be and are not a word-for-word transcription.

For information about previous meetings, please contact our office at 573-368-2100.

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