The mission of the Environmental Geology Section is to apply geologic and hydrologic information to the protection of Missouri citizens and the environment from wastes and hazardous materials.

The Environmental Geology Section is composed of three units. The Waste Management Unit provides technical assistance to the department's Hazardous Waste Program on in the siting, monitoring, and clean up of hazardous waste sites throughout the state. The Environmental Assistance Unit conducts geological evaluations on wastewater treatment facilities and subdivisions in support of the departments Water Protection Program. This unit also provides technical assistance to the department's Solid Waste Management Program in the permitting and monitoring of Missouri landfills. The Subsurface Investigations Unit performs hydrogeologic site investigations to determine groundwater contamination sources at selected sites in support of the Hazardous Waste Program.

The Environmental Geology Section staffs and houses the Missouri Water Tracing Laboratory. A number of water traces and water trace research projects are completed each year by technical staff. Technical assistance is also provided to industry and the public in the conducting of water traces. The laboratory houses a water tracing database with information and data relating to the water traces performed in the state. Information on file includes both historical and current watertrace data from around the state and is available upon request.