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The Environmental Assistance Unit (EAU) provides geological and hydrological technical support to the public, industry, and programs within the department. Support to the public includes technical assistance related to geologic hazards such as sinkholes and landslides. The EAU also responds to catastrophic animal mortality events; perform groundwater traces; and respond to environmental emergencies.

Geohydrologic Site Evaluations and Investigations

Liquid Waste– Staff evaluate geologic and hydrologic characteristics of proposed and existing liquid waste facility sites such as domestic wastewater lagoons, animal waste lagoons, municipal wastewater facilities, industrial process wastewater facilities, land application areas, and subsurface soil absorption systems.

Residential Housing Developments– Staff evaluate onsite, local, and regional geologic and hydrologic characteristics to determine the lot size of developments that propose to utilize individual onsite wastewater systems.

Solid Waste– Staff provide regulatory oversight and technical support in determining the geologic and hydrologic characteristics of proposed solid waste facilities, and assist in the design and implementation of groundwater monitoring programs at disposal areas.

To request a new geohydrologic evaluation; search for a completed evaluation; review the status of a submitted geohydrologic evaluation for residential housing developments and wastewater treatment facilities; request a preliminary site investigation for a proposed solid waste disposal or beneficial reuse area; or register as a water tracer proceed to GeoEDGE.

Land Reclamation - Staff provide geologic and hydrologic technical support for mining and quarry sites, and investigate potential mine collapse hazards in cooperation with the Land Reclamation Program.