Environmental Assistance Unit

The Environmental Assistance Unit provides geological and hydrological technical support to the public, consultants, and other programs within the department. This support includes technical assistance to the public related to geologic hazards such as sinkhole collapse and landslides; the department’s Solid Waste Program in the characterization, permitting and monitoring of landfills in Missouri; and the performance of hydrogeological site evaluations for liquid and residential waste in support of the Water Protection Program.

Geological and Hydrological Site Evaluations for Liquid Waste Facilities

Liquid Waste – Staff evaluate and determine the overall geologic and hydrologic limitations for proposed and existing liquid waste facilities. These systems include:

  • Domestic Waste Lagoons
  • Animal Waste Lagoons
  • Municipal Wastewater Facilities
  • Industrial and Process Facilities
  • Land Application of Liquid Waste
  • Subsurface distribution of  Liquid Waste
  • Large Scale Absorption (Cluster) Systems

Residential Housing Developments – Staff evaluate the geologic and hydrologic limitations to established the density or lot size of individual onsite wastewater systems (septic tanks).


Geological and Hydrological Technical Support

Solid-Waste – Staff provide regulatory oversight and technical support in determining the geologic and hydrologic characteristics of proposed solid waste
facilities. Additionally, the staff assist in the design and implementation of groundwater monitoring programs at approved facilities.

Guidance for Conducting and Reporting Detailed Geologic and Hydrologic Investigations at a Proposed Solid-Waste Disposal Area

Liquid Waste – Staff provide technical support in determining the geologic and hydrologic characteristics of liquid waste facilities and assist in the design and implementation of groundwater monitoring programs.

Geologic Hazards –We provide assistance to the citizens of Missouri by evaluating the causes and impacts of sinkhole formation Sinkholes in Missouriand collapse, landslide development and mine collapse. Geologists perform geologic and hydrologic evaluation to determine if collapse is attributed to a natural karst feature or is associated with the failure of a man-made feature.  Learn more.

Articles of Interest

  • Missouri Geological Survey – Earth Science since 1853  – Celebrating 160 Years of Service to Missourians. One hundred sixty years is not a very long time when speaking in geologic terms. However, we observed that noteworthy milestone in 2013.  During this time, the Missouri Geological Survey has provided reliable scientific information to describe and understand Missouri's wealth of natural resources.
  • Dyeing to Follow the Water – Cecil Boswell, technical assistant with the department, conducts water traces and provides technical assistance to industry and researchers who also conduct water traces.