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We conduct integrated earth resource evaluation that incorporates sustainable economic vitality and environmental and public health protection.






Geologist's Field Notebooks

Much like the celebrated journals from Lewis and Clark’s Expedition in early 19th century America, geologists with the Department of Natural Resources’ Missouri Geological Survey have been keeping journals since the mid-1800s. Thanks to a cooperative effort with the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program and the department, these journals known as “Geologist’s field notebooks” are being preserved and will be made available online as PDFs. Some are available now by request. Learn more.

Oil and Gas Permits Database

Oil and Gas Permits
Access the oil and gas database to locate permits for more than 12,000 wells. Well status includes under construction, active, inactive, plugged and abandoned. The Missouri Geological Survey is responsible, in part, for activities associated with the exploration, production and subsurface storage of oil and gas in Missouri.  A portion of these responsibilities include reviewing, approving and maintaining applications to drill oil and gas production wells, underground injection control wells (enhanced oil recovery, disposal and hydrocarbon storage wells).

Downhole Stratigraphic and Geophysical Logs Database

Access Downhole Stratigraphic and Geophysical Log Files The Missouri Geological Survey is responsible for the collection and archival of stratigraphic and geophysical downhole information relating to oil and gas wells in Missouri. The stratigraphic and geophysical log database represents a complete historical accumulation of stratigraphic and geophysical downhole information collected by the Survey, excluding the information contained in the Logmain database. Although the majority of information was acquired from boreholes associated with the oil and gas industry, boreholes related to other sources are in the stratigraphic and geophysical logs database. The database contains approximately 4,100 individual logs. The oldest information in the database dates back to 1939, representing approximately 75 years of stratigraphic and geophysical downhole information.

Educational Outreach – The work of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources teaches environmental stewardship and wise use of our precious natural resources through a broad understanding and appreciation for Missouri’s natural, cultural and energy resources.  Visit our educational outreach page to learn about our activities and watch some of our educational videos and consider a trip to our museum. Learn about careers in geology – watch this short, informative video!

Earthquake Exhibit at the New Madrid Historical Museum

Earthquake Exhibit at the New Madrid Historical Museum
Check out this video tour of the earthquake exhibit at the New Madrid Historical Museum.  The museum is located at No. 1 South Main Street, in New Madrid, Mo.

Sinkhole Collapse

Map of SinkholesSinkholes are depressed or collapsed areas formed by dissolution of carbonate bedrock or collapse of underlying caves. They range in size from several square yards to hundreds of acres and may be very shallow or hundreds of feet deep. Sinkholes are part of what is called “karst” topography, which also includes caves, spring and losing streams. We provide assistance to the citizens of Missouri by evaluating the causes and impacts of sinkhole formation and collapse.  Geologists perform geologic and hydrologic evaluation to determine if collapse is attributed to a natural karst feature or is associated with the failure of a man-made feature.  Learn more.

Earthquakes in the past seven days

Search for Well or Pump Installation Contractors

Bill Duley
Bill Duley, former Assistant State Geologist and Deputy Director, encourages citizens to loan the department historic maps of abandoned underground coal mines. As part of a continuing effort to protect citizens and expand its existing database of abandoned underground coal mines, maps will be scanned, entered in to the database and returned to owners. Read more and watch our YouTube video featuring Bill as Miner Gus.

U.S. Geological Survey Director recognizes importance of State Geological SurveysFormer USGS Director Marcia McNutt made statement of support for state geological surveys – Cites 130 year partnership that has helped the Nation and states address future economic, sociological, environmental and resource challenges now and for generations to come.

Popular Rock and Mineral sets donated by Hutcheson Ford to Steelville Middle School -- The Steelville School District recently received a rock-solid donation in which Butch Tucker, owner of Hutcheson Ford Sales in St. James, donated eight Missouri Rock and Mineral Sets. 

Traveling I-55, southbound?  Be sure to visit the Visit the Marston Welcome Center, located at exit 42.4 -- Missouri Geological Survey Deputy Director Jerry Prewett and other invited guests spoke during the May 24 ribbon cutting ceremony, celebrating the completion of the facility.  The center highlights the great New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-12 and the region's rich culture.

Ask a Geologist -- Email your question about Missouri geology!

The Geological Survey Program is organized into three sections that perform the following major functions:

  • The Geologic Resources Section fulfills many of the traditional tasks of the Geological Survey. It acquires and maintains basic geologic data that are used by the other sections and provides technical assistance to both the private and public sectors. Staff Listing
  • The Environmental Geology Section conducts field investigations and provides services in determining the environmental hazards posed by waste disposal practices and spills. Staff Listing
  • The Well Installation Section ensures that any new private water well (this includes domestic and multiple family class wells) is constructed to minimum standards as set by the state regulations. The section regulates the construction of private water wells irrigation wells, monitoring wells and heat pump wells. In addition, we regulate how to properly plug all types of wells. Staff Listing

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Missouri Geology BibliographyThe Missouri Geology Bibliography

This electronic bibliography brings together the nine books that comprise the Bibliography of the Geology of Missouri, published by the Missouri Geological Survey and its predecessor agencies from 1945 through 1972. ...more

Missouri Rock and Mineral Set
Back by popular demand! Missouri Rock and Mineral Sets

Want to delight your favorite rock enthusiast?  If so, consider giving a Missouri Rock and Mineral Set. Accompanying the set is a 16-page, full-color booklet that describes each rock and mineral and its uses. To learn more about this set and other educational items, visit the publications desk in Rolla at 111 Fairgrounds Road or order online from the Missouri Geology Store. Also, download and print "Build A Geologist" paper model.

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