Welcome to the Geologic Evaluation Data Gateway Exchange (GeoEDGE)

Citizens may use GeoEDGE to request a new geohydrologic evaluation, search for a completed evaluation, or review the status of a submitted geohydrologic evaluation for residential housing developments and wastewater treatment facilities. GeoEDGE also can be used to request a preliminary site investigation for solid waste disposal areas. The mapping feature affords users the ability to draw site location boundaries and other pertinent features on the map. Additionally, users can register as a water tracer via the Water Tracer Registration tab.

GeoEDGE’s entry point offers two choices: “Search for Geohydrologic Evaluations” and “Request a Geohydrologic Evaluation.” The Search option allows users to search for completed evaluations or review the status of an evaluation users previously requested. The Request option directs users to the State of Missouri Citizens Application Gateway (CAG). After logging in with an active CAG account, users may request a geohydrologic evaluation.

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*Please contact staff with our Well Installation Section at 573-368-2100 for information about the use of multi-family wells.