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Geologic Map of Missouri 2003

Geological Map of MissouriListed under Wall Maps, this Sesquicentennial Edition of the Geologic Map of Missouri was published in 2003 to recognize the agency's 150th anniversary. It is a colorful, poster-size, 1:500,000 scale map created with digital mapping technology. It measures 42 3/4 by 54 3/4 inches.

The map incorporates more than 25 years of new geologic work. Various inset maps show earthquake epicenters in southeast Missouri, catalog and modern drainage patterns in northwestern Missouri, principal tectonic features of Missouri and the location of unusual circular structures caused by meteorite or comet impact or explosive volcanism.

Suitable for framing, it is printed on UV protected, heavy weight glossy paper and displays 36 different geologic units in vivid colors. The price of the map is $9.25 if mailed folded and $10.75 if mailed rolled.

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Missouri River - Lewis and Clark Expedition Trading Cards -- This colorful set of 80 cards highlights the Missouri River’s outstanding natural resources as it follows the path taken by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's Corps of Discovery Expedition two hundred years ago.

Read about Missouri state parks, conservation areas, sites of interest and scenic river towns. See riverside statues and monuments honoring Lewis and Clark's journey, murals within the Capitol building, portraits of the explorers, along with numerous breath taking river scenes.

Additional trading card sets highlighting Missouri's natural resources are also available.

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$18 each (laminated, matte finish)

Missouri Environmental Geology Atlas

mega imageIt is often said that information is power, and the second edition of the Missouri Environmental Geology Atlas CD-ROM, or MEGA 2007, puts a significant amount of power at users' fingertips.

The MEGA 2007 CD-ROM is a collection of interactive computer maps that allows users access to more than 30 statewide geographic information system (GIS) data layers, all from their computer desktops. Significant improvements and additions have been made since MEGA's debut in 2003. New data layers have been added and many of the existing data layers updated.

Layers Listing

Available data layers include: bedrock geology, well and spring locations, dyetrace data, geologic structures, sinkhole locations, alluvial floodplains, certified wells, dye traces, surficial materials, stream hydrology and the U.S. Public Land Survey System. This CD-ROM also provides public domain information such as streams, lakes, roads, urban areas and county boundaries.

Among the additions is a water table map showing static water levels. Other new data layers include drill areas depicting requirements for well construction area boundaries and a mine and mineral occurrence layer. A significant addition to the existing well log layer is a simplified well log that lists various materials encountered during drilling. Missouri House and Senate district boundaries are also part of the collection.

Because the state has been collecting geologic data since the mid-1800s, vast amounts of data are available. This information enables users to apply earth science data to real-world issues. Many of the data layers allow for better decisions related to the use and protection of our state's water. Landowners, developers, engineers, geologists, planners, consultants, first responders, researchers, teachers and students will find this tool particularly helpful.

An easy-to-follow manual will be included along with free software to enable viewing.

The price of the MEGA CD is $45.

Paleozoic Succession in Missouri, Part 5, Pennsylvanian Subsystem

Pennsylvanian Succession in MissouriReleased on CD-ROM, this 1225-page reference is the definitive work on the stratigraphy of the Pennsylvanian Subsystem in Missouri. The work includes detailed descriptions and discussions of over 200 individual Pennsylvanian stratigraphic units, as well as type sections and reference sections, illustrations, color photographs, and index maps. The CD can be ordered with an optional stratigraphic poster that graphically summarizes the entire Pennsylvanian Subsystem in Missouri.

The Paleozoic Succession in Missouri, Part 5--Pennsylvanian Subsystem of Carboniferous System, Report of Investigations 70, was written by Richard J. Gentile, Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and Thomas L. Thompson, Principal Geologist (retired), Missouri Geological Survey, Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

This work is certainly the most comprehensive analysis of the Pennsylvanian bedrock of the state of Missouri that has ever been completed. It will prove vital to those using Pennsylvanian bedrock as a resource and to those interested in scientific endeavors as well.

The price of the book on CD-ROM is $26 and the stratigraphic poster is $12.50.

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