This page is a resource for testing and does not have all testing information.

Selecting a testing station

Please call your local station or the Missouri Department of Natural Resources before you go. Some stations are experiencing temporary problems with their emissions inspections. We are working to get this fixed as soon as possible.


Do not have repairs right before a vehicle inspection, even if the check engine light is on or you know your vehicle will fail. This will disqualify you for a cost based waiver.

Test Day

  • Bring the vehicle that needs the emissions test.
  • Start early and arrive early. Repairs may need to be made and emissions repairs are complicated.
    • The inspection station is required to inspect your vehicle within two hours of your arrival. If they do not, call (314)416-2115.
  • Vehicles with the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (aka Check Engine Light) on must be tested with the light on. Do not get repairs right before the test.
  • Drive your vehicle before taking the test to reset readiness monitors.

Passing the test

The emissions testing station will give you:

  • An official state vehicle inspection report certifying a passing emissions inspection.
  • An emissions inspection windshield sticker.

A passing test is only valid for registration for 60 days from the inspection datefor a vehicle owner. Visit the Department of Revenue Site for for more information on vehicle license renewal and titling.

Failing the test

Vehicle inspection station will give you:

  • A failing state vehicle inspection report that shows what part of the inspection failed.
  • A list of the ten nearest Missouri Recognized Repair Stations whose Missouri Recognized Repair Technicians can count related labor and diagnostic costs towards cost based waiver minimums.
  • Emissions failure information.
  • A repair data sheet for the repair facility performance report (this is not a waiver).

Vehicles failing a paid inspection get one free re-inspection at the same station within 20 business days (excludes holidays and weekdays) of date paid. You do not need to repair your vehicle at same inspection station.