In 2019, Missouri and neighboring states experienced an unprecedented duration of flooding on the Missouri River. Locations on the Missouri were above flood stage for nearly 280 days, well surpassing the duration of both the 2011 and 1993 floods. More than 100 levees overtopped or breached, 1.2 million acres of farmland sat underwater, and approximately 470 roads were closed.

In the past decade, the Lower Missouri River Basin has seen its first, second and fourth highest runoff years on record. With more recurrent damage, the Governors of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska appreciated the need to work together to forge a different path of recovery. They committed to look for innovative solutions that bring systemic protection.

In November 2019, the Governors of the four states expressed their commitment to work collectively on enhancing flood protection in the Lower Missouri Basin through the execution of a Memorandum of Agreement. The states took immediate further action by entering into a Planning Assistance to States agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The agreement has several goals:

  • Analysis of vulnerable problem spots on the Lower Missouri.
  • Stakeholder outreach to better understand recurrent problem areas, impacts, and potential solutions.
  • Assessment of effective options to provide better protection/function.
  • Initial assessment of flow changes and changes to stream profile (could lead to additional flow frequency analysis).
As part of the stakeholder outreach goal, the department is holding four meetings to focus on areas of recurrent flooding and damage. These initial focus areas are not intended to exclude other areas from study, however, resources for this initial agreement result in the need to prioritize our discussions. The four states and the Corps are already discussing a more far-reaching agreement that will allow further discussion, assessment and action to increase protection in the Lower Missouri Basin. Information about the meetings is below.


Department to host stakeholder meetings on recurrent flooding in Lower Missouri River Basin Aug. 24, 2020



Upcoming Meetings


Past Meetings

Please note: Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, meetings were held virtually. The meeting format for each was generally the same. However, each meeting collected feedback on a particular focus area along the Missouri River as indicated below.

Feedback was collected and organized into a table format (links below). The information in the tables reflects feedback during the meeting only; no information or solution ideas are intentionally excluded. We fully intend to continue gathering feedback as the project and conversations continue.


The public is invited and encouraged to attend all meetings. Even if you cannot participate, we want to hear your feedback concerning these initial focus areas and other areas along the Missouri River in Missouri. As we continue discussions among the states and with the Corps, we will try to incorporate all feedback we receive. Provide feedback to


Memorandum of Agreement between Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska

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