Recreational Use Attainability Analysis

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Section 303(c) of the Clean Water Act requires the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to review the state’s water quality standards at least once every three years.  This process, called a triennial review, is an opportunity for the department, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the public to review and update Missouri’s water quality standards, where applicable.  One important part of the triennial review is a determination of whether or not new or revised use designations are required for waters of the state.  Use Attainability Analyses, or UAAs, are the means the department uses to determine whether designated uses are existing or attainable on these waters.

Recreational Use Attainability Analysis Protocol

The Missouri Clean Water Commission adopted a Final Order of Rulemaking Sept. 7, 2005, which amended state water quality standards to designate more than 95 percent of Missouri's classified stream miles for whole body contact recreation use.  Final whole body contact designations were adopted into the Code of State Regulations effective Dec. 31, 2005.  Use Attainability Analyses conducted after this date investigate whether new or revised recreational use designations are required for waters listed in Table H of the regulations. The recreational use designations evaluated are whole body contact recreation and secondary contact recreation, where the use exists.

Proposed Use Removals - 2020 Triennial Review

UAA Report - Halls Branch
UAA Committee Recommendation - Halls Branch

Current UAAs and Public Comments on Specific Waters

Use Attainability Analyses are a means for the State to periodically review and revise designated uses. As a result, the number of waters with completed UAAs will vary from county to county.  Use the drop down box below to select a county and view current and past UAA efforts and recommendations for new or revised use designations for the waters listed.

The department will update the individual county pages with the UAAs, comments received on specific waters and updated staff recommendations, as appropriate.  Select a county below to view all waters located in a specific county.  Note: the department has also posted comments it received on waters on which no UAA was conducted.

Any additional information including historical UAA that have previously been performed are available upon request.