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Water Protection Program Public Notices

Public notices can provide information about hearings on development proposals, new ordinances and regulations, bond issues, tax proposals, public improvement projects and other issues. This gives people the opportunity to stay informed about the policies and activities that affect them. You will always be able to find our public notices near the classified section of your local paper. With Internet access, you can search through notices from across town or across the state.

Proposed Permits

  • Draft State Operating Permits - Listing of proposed permits, which can be sorted by Permit Number, Applicant, County, Public Notice Start Date or End Date

Proposed Standard Operating Procedure

Pretreatment Program Approval Public Notice

401 Water Quality Certification

Clean Water Commission

Drinking Water

Guidance Documents

Impaired Waters and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)

Proposed Rules and Regulations

Financial Assistance Center