Missouri Department of Natural Resources - Water Quality Data Sources

This page includes links to online sources of water quality data on the Department of Natural Resources' website as well as additional sources.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources Laboratory Information System (LIMs) - This database holds and retrains all analytical data analyzed at the MoDNR laboratory including drinking water data.

Missouri Water Quality Assessment System - This is an online search of water quality data generated by the MoDNR and other organizations whose data is used by MoDNR (may include other organizations listed).

Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Environmental Services Program's Biomonitoring Database

Additional Water Quality Data Sources

Heritage Database - This database keeps a list of state and federal threatened and endangered species by county.

USGS Stream Flow and Gage Data

USGS Water Quality Data for MO

National Water Quality Monitoring Council - The Water Quality Portal is a cooperative service sponsored by the U. S. Geological Survey, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Water Quality Monitoring Council. The portal includes data collected by more than 400 state, federal, tribal and local agencies

STORET - EPA’s database that compiles water quality data collected by state, tribal and federal agencies on lakes, streams, rivers and other types of water bodies to assist in determining water quality conditions.

U.S. Corps of Engineers - Kansas City District

U.S. Corps of Engineers - Little Rock District

U.S. Corps of Engineers - St. Louis District

The Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program - This database includes annual summaries for each lake in PDF format