Information Sheets


Total Maximum Daily Load Information Sheets are brief summaries of information related to waters listed as impaired. Information sheets will become available for each water listed on the current 303(d) List.

The exception to having a site-specific information sheet occurs when several waters are listed for the same pollutant. One pollutant specific information sheet is available for waters being proposed for listing due to impairment by

The documents listed below are available in Adobe® Acrobat® format.

What are TMDLs? Fact Sheet--PUB2090


Antire Creek


Barker's Creek Tributary

Bass Creek

Baynham Branch

Bear Creek, Adair County

Beef Branch

Bee Fork

Ben Branch Lake

Bens Branch

Bethany Reservoir

Big Bottom Creek

Big Creek, Harrison County

Big Creek, Henry County

Big Creek, Henry-Jackson Counties

Big Creek, Iron County

Big Muddy Creek

Big Otter Creek and Tributary

Big River (Cadmium, Zinc)

Big River (Lead, NVSS)

Big Sugar Creek

Black Creek, Shelby County

Black Creek, St. Louis County

Black River

Blackberry Creek

Blackbird Creek

Blue River (Bacteria)

Blue River (Chlordane)

Bluestem Lake

Bonhomme Creek

Bonne Femme Creek

Bourbeuse River

Bowling Green Lake (OLD)

Brazeau Creek

Brush Creek, Polk County

Brushy Creek, Pettis County

Brushy Creek, Texas County

Buffalo Creek (Nutrients-Elk River Basin)

Buffalo Creek (Fishes Bioassessment)

Buffalo Ditch

Burgher Branch

Bynum Creek


Capps Creek

Cave Springs Branch

Cedar and Manacle Creeks

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek and Horse Creek

Center Creek

Center Creek (Bacteria)

Chariton River

Cinque Hommes Creek

Clear Creek, Barry and Lawrence counties

Clear Creek, Lawrence and Newton counties

Clear Creek, Vernon County

Clearwater Reservoir

Coldwater Creek

Cooley Lake

Coonville Creek

Courtois Creek

Crane Creek

Craven Ditch

Creve Coeur Creek

Creve Coeur Lake

Crooked Creek

Crowder State Park Lake


Dardenne Creek

Dark Creek (Sulfate)

Davis Creek

Deer Creek

Deer Ridge Community Lake

Ditch #1

Ditch #36

Ditch to Buffalo Ditch

Dog Creek

Douger Branch (Chat Creek)

Dousinbury Creek

Dry Auglaize Creek

Dry Branch

Dry Wood Creek

Dutro Carter Creek


East Brush Creek

East Fork Grand River

East Fork Little Blue River

East Fork Locust Creek

East Fork Medicine Creek (Bacteria)

East Fork Medicine Creek (Sediment)

East Fork of Tebo Creek

East Fork Tebo Creek, Elm Branch

East Whetstone Creek

Eaton Branch

Eleven Point River (Chlorine)

Eleven Point River (Mercury)

Elk River Basin

Elkhorn Creek (BOD)

Elkhorn Creek (Sediment)

Elm Branch


Fee Fee Creek (new)

Femme Osage Slough

Fenton Creek

Fishpot Creek

Flat Creek

Flat River Creek (Cadmium)

Flat River Creek (Lead, NVSS, Zinc)

Flat River Creek Tributary

Foster Branch

Fowler Creek

Fox Creek

Fox River (Bacteria)

Foxboro Lake


Gabriel Creek

Gans Creek

Gasconade River

Goose Creek

Goose Creek Tributary

Grand Glaize Creek

Grand River

Gravois Creek

Grindstone Creek

Grindstone Reservoir


Heaths Creek

Hickory Branch

Hickory Creek Tributary

Hickory Creek, Daviess County

Hickory Creek, Newton County

Hinkson and Grindstone Creek

Hinkson Creek

Hominy Branch

Honey Creek, Henry County

Honey Creek, Lawrence County

Honey Creek, Livingston County

Horse Creek and Cedar Creek

Horseshoe Creek

Horseshoe Creek (Low DO)

Hough Park Lake

Howell Creek

Hunnewell Lake


Indian Camp Creek

Indian Creek, Jackson County

Indian Creek, McDonald County

Indian Creek, Washington County

Indian Creeks - South, North and Middle

Indian Hills Lake


Jacks Fork River

Jacobs Branch

Jacobs Branch (Cadmium, Zinc, Lead)

James River

James River, Stone County

Jamesport City Lake

Jenkins Creek

Jones Creek

Jordan Creek

Joyce Creek


Keifer Creek

Kelley Branch

Knob Noster State Park Lake


Lake Creek

Lake of the Woods

Lake St. Louis

Lake Taneycomo

Lamar Lake

Lamine River

Lateral #2 Main Ditch (Low DO and Temperature)

Lateral #2 Main Ditch (Sediment)

Lee Rowe Ditch

Lewistown Lake

Line Creek

Little Beaver Creek (Bacteria)

Little Beaver Creek (Inorganic Sediment)

Little Beaver Creek (VSS)

Little Blue River

Little Bonne Femme Creek

Little Dry Fork

Little Drywood Creek

Little Lindley Creek

Little Lost Creek

Little Medicine Creek

Little Muddy Creek and Tributary

Little Niangua River

Little Osage River

Little Sac River

Little St. Francis River

Little Sugar Creek

Little Tarkio Creek

Little Whitewater River

Locust Creek

Long Branch

Long Branch Creek

Long Branch Lake

Longview Reservoir

Lost Creek


Main Ditch (BOD, Low DO, VSS)

Main Ditch (pH, NH3, Temperature)

Maline Creek

Manacle Creek

Mark Twain Lake, Mercury

Marmaton River

Mattese Creek

McDaniel Lake

McKenzie Creek (BOD)

McKenzie Creek (pH)

Meramec River

Miami Creek (Low D.O.)

Miami Creek (Sediment)

Middle Fork Grand River

Middle Fork Salt River

Middle Fork Tebo Creek and Tributary

Middle Indian Creek

Mill Creek

Mississippi River (Chlordane and PCBs)

Mississippi River, Jefferson County

Missouri River

Monegaw Creek

Mound Branch

Muddy Creek, Grundy County

Muddy Creek, Pettis County (BOD)

Muddy Creek, Pettis County (Chloride and Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Bioassessments)

Mussel Fork Creek (Bacteria)

Mussel Fork Creek (Sediment)


Niangua River

Nishnabotna River

No Creek

North Fabius River

North Fork Cuivre River

North Fork Spring River (Bacteria, Low D.O. and Unknown)

North Fork Spring River (Sediment)

North Indian Creek

North Moreau Creek


Old Channel Little River

Osage River, Osage County


Panther Creek

Patterson Creek

Pearson Creek (Bacteria)

Pearson Creek (Unknown)

Peruque Creek

Pickle Creek

Piney Creek

Pleasant Hill Lake

Pogue Creek

Pole Cat Slough

Pomme de Terre River

Pond Creek (formerly misidentified as Tributary to Pond Creek)



Red Oak Creek and Tributary

River des Peres

Rock Creek

Rocky Fork

Rush Creek


Saline Creek, Jefferson County

Saline Creek, Madison County

Salt Fork

Salt Pine Creek

Salt River (low DO)

Salt River, Ralls (Mercury)

Sandy Creek

Schuman Park Lake

Second Nicholson Creek

Shibboleth Branch

Shibboleth Branch (Lead, ZInc in Sediment)

Shoal Creek, Barry County (Bacteria)

Shoal Creek, Newton County

Slater Branch

Smithville Reservoir

Sni-a-bar Creek

South Blackbird Creek

South Fabius River

South Fork Blackwater River

South Fork Salt River

South Grand River

South Indian Creek (Bacteria, Aquatic Macroinvert. Bioassess.)

South Indian Creek (nutrients)

South Wyaconda River

Spillway Ditch

Spring Creek

Spring Fork Lake

Spring River

St. Francis River

St. Johns Ditch

Stevenson Bayou

Stinson Creek

Stockton Branch

Straight Fork

Strother Creek

Sugar Creek (Low D.O.)

Sugar Creek (pH)

Swift Ditch


Table Rock Lake

Tebo Creeks

Third Fork Platte River

Thompson River

Thurman Creek

Town Branch of Piper Creek

Trace Creek

Tributary to Barker Creek

Tributary to Indian Creek, Washington County

Tributary to Little Muddy Creek

Tributary to Shoal Creek (WBID 3981)

Tributary to Shoal Creek (WBID 3982)

Tributary to Wolf Creek

Troublesome Creek (Low D.O.)

Troublesome Creek (Sediment)

Turkey Creek, Boone County (Bacteria)

Turkey Creek, Jasper County (Bacteria)

Turkey Creek, Jasper County (Metals)

Turkey Creek, St. Francois County (BOD, VSS)

Turkey Creek, St. Francois County (Metals)

Turnback Creek



Village Creek


Walnut Creek

Warm Fork Spring River

Watkins Creek

Weatherby Lake

Weldon River

West Fork Black River

West Fork Drywood Creek

West Fork Locust Creek

West Fork Medicine Creek

West Fork Niangua River

West Fork Sni-A-Bar

West Fork Tebo Creek

Whetstone Creek (BOD)

Whetstone Creek (low D.O.)

White Oak Creek

Wildhorse Creek

Williams Creek (Lawrence County)

Williams Creek (St. Louis County)

Willow Branch

Willow Branch (Metals in Sediment)

Willow Fork and Tributary

Wilsons Creek

Winnebago Lake

Woods Fork