Public Drinking Water Fee Structure Workgroup

The Public Drinking Water Branch began hosting a stakeholder meeting on Jan. 31, 2020, to discuss potential changes to the primacy fee, laboratory certification fees, and the laboratory services and program administration fee structures located in 10 CSR 60-16.

Section 640.100.8, RSMo., gives the Missouri Department of Natural Resources the authority to conduct a comprehensive review of these statutory fees and to develop proposed changes to the fee structure with stakeholder agreement. The goal of the stakeholder meetings is to review the fees listed above and decide upon a proposal to revise the fee structure through the rulemaking process. The proposal requires agreement among stakeholders and the approval of the Missouri Safe Drinking Water Commission prior to filing as a proposed rule. As the workgroup continues to move forward with reviewing the fee structure, updates to this website will show the workgroup's progress.

Fee Background

Missouri's legislature initially enacted the Public Drinking Water Primacy Fee and the Laboratory Services and Program Administration Fees in 1992 to establish a dedicated funding source to support the department's efforts to ensure adequate water that is safe to drink. The Primacy Fee provides funding necessary to implement the federal and state Safe Drinking Water Act regulations and maintain delegation of the federal public drinking water program.

The current fee structure was revised in 2006, and was extended in 2012. The Primacy Fee and the Laboratory Services and Program Administration Fee are set in statute. These fees bring in approximately $4.9 million annually.

Proposed rule language is located on the department's Rules in Development webpage.

Stakeholder Consensus Recommendation

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If you have any questions regarding meetings, please contact Donna Belfiore via email or call 573-751-0124.


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