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Water Protection Financial Assistance Center

The Water Protection Financial Assistance Center provides funding to communities for water and wastewater infrastructure.

Drinking Water Application and Guidance Documents
Wastewater Application and Guidance Documents

State Revolving Fund

The State Revolving Funds provide low-interest loans to municipalities, counties, public water and public sewer districts and political subdivisions for wastewater and drinking water infrastructure projects.  The State Revolving Fund is a federally capitalized, low-interest loan program.  Projects may be new construction or the improvement or renovation of existing facilities.

There are several programs offered through State Revolving Fund:

  • The Direct Loan Program is offered to small communities that do not qualify for a leveraged loan program.  Direct loans may be offered to larger communities on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Small Borrower Loan Program is available only to communities or public sewer districts of less than 1,000 population or service area. Qualifying communities or public sewer districts may be considered for a direct loan for wastewater system improvements for up to $100,000 with a maximum 20-year repayment term.
  • The nonpoint source loan program is offered to qualifying individual farmers with animal waste treatment needs through the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority.

State Grant and Loan Programs

Pending sufficient state revenue sources, rural sewer grants, rural drinking water grants and 40 percent state construction grants may also be available.

The department currently is funding two separate on-site wastewater funding programs. These programs can provide grant and loan opportunities to individual homeowners who have a failed or failing on-site wastewater treatment systems.

Environmental Determinations

Clean Water SRF Projects
City of Belle Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements (Bids open 11/19/18)

Drinking Water SRF Projects
None at this time

Rulemaking Developments

Chapter 4 (Clean Water) and Chapter 13 (Drinking Water) Grants and Loans Workgroup

Current and upcoming projects

Clean Water SRF Projects Bid Advertisement
City of Sweet Springs Wastewater Treatment Improvements - Rural Sewer Grant

Drinking Water SRF Projects Bid Advertisement
None at this time

Drinking Water SRF Projects Under Construction
Birch Tree
Jackson County #13
Osage County PWSD #1
Osage County PWSD #3

Scotland County

Tri-County Water Authority

Clean Water SRF Projects Under Construction

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
St. Joseph