Green Project Reserve

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ State Revolving Fund programs encourage funding recipients to use green components, which help achieve environmentally sustainable solutions for infrastructure needs.  The Green Project Reserve (GPR) became a provision of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund programs in 2009 as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Certain federal capitalization grants, since 2009, have included language relating to the establishment of the GPR.  The amounts shown in the tables below reflect the targets for GPR projects, or components of projects, as specified in the federal capitalization grants.

Clean Water SRF Green Project Reserve

Federal Fiscal Year Amount
2010 $11,296,600
2011 $8,187,200
2012 $3,917,900
2013 $3,700,900
2014 $3,886,800
2015 $3,892,500

Drinking Water Green Project Reserve

Federal Fiscal Year Amount
2010 $5,246,800
2011 $3,640,800

The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency developed guidance that describes the requirements for GPR.  These EPA guidance documents are modified annually.  Please visit their website below for the current available information.  GPR projects are divided into four categories:  sustainable green infrastructure, water efficiency, energy efficiency, or other environmentally innovative solutions.  EPA has a list of project elements which are considered categorically green.  For project elements not specifically identified as categorically green, a business case needs to be developed to demonstrate that the project element meets the GPR criteria.

Projects meeting GPR criteria are subject to all department and State Revolving Fund program requirements.


EPA Green Project Reserve Guidance

Business Case Evaluations

SRF Program IUP Year Applicant Project # Amount
CWSRF 2015 Belton C295712-01 $727,000
CWSRF 2015 Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District C295023-37 $74,222,650
CWSRF 2014 Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District C295564-03 $35,000,000
CWSRF 2013 Cape Girardeau C295531-01
CWSRF 2013 Taney County Regional Sewer District C295538-01 $3,000,000
CWSRF 2012 Boone County Regional Sewer District, Rayfield Subdivision C295375-14 $603,703
CWSRF 2012 Perry Phase 2 C295690-01 $220,000
CWSRF 2011 Cuba C295560-01 $188,268
CWSRF 2011 Waynesville C295637-01 $911,218
CWSRF 2010 Joplin C295548-02 $5,001,000
DWSRF 2013 Linn DW291162-04 $943,128
DWSRF 2013 Jefferson #12 DW291324-01 $1,732,000
DWSRF 2013 Tipton DW291331-01 $606,600
DWSRF 2013 St. Louis DW291280-12 $3,079,331
DWSRF 2012 Desloge DW291258-01 $1,564,000
DWSRF 2012 Jefferson #8 DW291322-01 $520,000
DWSRF 2012 Warsaw DW291293-01 $1,478,000
DWSRF 2011 Neosho DW291308-01 $2,030,200
DWSRF 2011 Barry County PWSD #2 DW291228-01 $419,925
DWSRF 2011 Clarksburg DW291234-01 $458,762

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