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Water Protection Financial Assistance Center

The Financial Assistance Center is dedicated to helping Missouri communities plan, finance and build water infrastructure projects that improve the lives of Missourians. Through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, Drinking Water State Revolving Fund and state programs, the center provides technical and financial assistance to applicants for projects including construction of new drinking water or wastewater infrastructure, existing infrastructure upgrades or rehabilitation; storm water-related projects that benefit water quality; and green infrastructure. 

State Revolving Fund

The State Revolving Funds (SRF) provide low-interest loans for wastewater and drinking water infrastructure projects. Under the SRF program, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides grants or "seed money" with a required 20 percent state match, to capitalize state revolving funds with which the states provide low-interest loans to communities. As loan principal and interest payments are paid back into the revolving fund, the money is used to finance new loan projects.  Projects may be new construction or the improvement or renovation of existing facilities.

  • The Clean Water SRF funds wastewater treatment, sewer rehabilitation, and stormwater quality improvements, as well as non-point source projects.
  • The Drinking Water SRF funds water treatment plants or improvements to existing facilities, distribution, water storage facilities, wells, and interconnection/consolidation.

State Grant and Loan Programs

Pending sufficient state funding sources, the Financial Assistance Center and Public Drinking Water Branch offer several grant and loan programs, including Small Borrower loans, Rural Sewer Grants, Small Community Engineering Assistance Program grants and Engineering Report Services Grants.

Environmental Determinations

Clean Water SRF Projects

Drinking Water SRF Projects

Current and Upcoming Projects

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