Sewer Extension Authority Supervised Program

In accordance with 10 CSR 20-6.010(6)(A), the Missouri Department of Natural Resources may grant approval of an entity’s sewer extension authority supervised program. Entities with a department-approved program are exempt from construction permit requirements for collection systems. Department approval may be granted for a period of five years in the applicant’s operating permit. At the time of the operating permit renewal, the sewer extension authority supervised program is reevaluated by the department for reauthorization.

Approved sewer extension authority supervised program entities are responsible to permit, inspect, and accept sewer extensions constructed within their municipal boundaries and ultimately discharging to a wastewater treatment facility for which they own and act as continuing authority.

Entities applying for funding under 10 CSR 20-4, “Grants and Loans” will be required to comply with those requirements in addition to their approved sewer extension authority supervised program.

New sewer extension authority program requests must meet the requirements of 10 CSR 20-6.010(6)(A)1. If your municipality wishes to apply for this program, please contact the department.

Approved Sewer Extension Authority Programs

City of Blue Springs

City of Columbia

City of Kansas City*

City of Jefferson City

City of Joplin*

City of Lebanon*

City of Springfield *

City of St. Peters

Duckett Creek Sanitary District

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

* Denotes entities currently under review during the operating permit renewal period.

New Program Approval Requests

None at this time

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