Appendix A - Glossary of Terms

Appendix B - List of Acronyms

Appendix C - Permit Processing Flow Charts

Appendix D - Permit Processing Time Lines

Appendix E - Office Responsibility for Permitting

  • E.1 Statewide General Permits
  • E.2 Issuance of General Permits to Facilities
  • E.3 CAFO Permits and LOAs
  • E.4 Municipal Permits
  • E.5 Domestic Permits
  • E.6 No-Discharge Permits
  • E.7 Industrial Site-Specific Permits
  • E.8 Water Quality Reviews

Appendix F - DNR Signature Authority

  • F.1 Operating Permits
  • F.2 Construction Permits
  • F.3 Letters of Authorization
  • F.4 Letters of Approval
  • F.5 Denials, Revocations and Waivers

Appendix G - MOUs with Other Agencies and Programs

  • G.1 Public Service Commission
  • G.2 Department of Health and Senior Services
  • G.3 Land Reclamation Program
  • G.4 Solid Waste Management Program

Appendix H - Policies

  • H.1 Sewer Extension Policy
  • H.2

Appendix I - Index to WPC Permitting Regulations and Laws

Appendix J - Technical Bulletins and Fact Sheets

Appendix K - List of SIC Codes

  • K.1 Categorical Industries
  • K.2 Primary Industries
  • K.3 Industrial Storm water Requirements

Appendix L - Nine Minimum CSO Controls

Appendix M - CAFO Indemnity Fund and Payments

Appendix N - Permit Conditions

  • N.1 Standard Permit Conditions
  • N.2 Special Permit Conditions Library
  • N.3 Special CAFO Permit Conditions

Appendix O – Reserved

Appendix P - Permit Templates

Appendix Q - Samples of Final Permits

Appendix R - Blank Permit Forms

Appendix S - Samples of Completed Permit Forms

  • S.1 Permit Request Forms
  • S.2 Permittee Reporting Forms
  • S.3 Internal Forms

Appendix T - Total Residual Chlorine Study

Appendix U - Missouri State Operating Permits - Monitoring Frequencies and Sampling Types