Final Site Specific Permits

(K - M)

All site-specific permits will be posted to this site as they are listed for final issuance.

You can find permits issued on or after Jan. 11, 2002, on the following table listed by applicant in alphabetical order.

Permit Number Applicant County


MO0131474 K & M Management Miller
MO0122912 K.A.T. Properties Inc. Montgomery
MO0123471 KHOA Plant, L.L.C. WWTF Camden
MO0052655 Kahoka WWTF Clark
MO0119717 Kanakuk Kamps - Trace Hollow WWTF Stone
MO0123064 Kanakuk Shell Knob WWTF Stone
MO0135283 Kansas City Mixing Center Clay
MO0130516 Kansas City Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Jackson
MO0133833 Kari's Cupboard and Camp Stone
MO0121924 Karlin Place Subdivision WWTF Polk
MO0111040 Kaysinger MHC Benton
MO0049531 KC, Birmingham STP Clay
MO0024911 KC, Blue River Wastewater Treatment Facility Jackson
MO0048313 KC, Fishing River WWTP Clay
MO0114812 KC, Kansas City International Airport Platte
MO0003263 KC, Kansas City International Airport MCI MB Platte
MO0025011 KC, Northland MHP WWTP Clay
MO0048305 KC, Rocky Branch STP Clay
MO0024961 KC, Todd Creek WWTP Platte
MO0117561 KC, Water Systems Miller
MO0024929 KC, Westside WWTP Jackson
MO0082996 KCPL - Iatan Generating Station Platte
MO0101117 KCPL - Montrose Generating Station Henry
MO0115631 KCSRC, Neosho Yard Newton
MO0115703 KCSR, One Spot Car Repair Facility Jackson
MO0107883 Kearney (SBR) WWTF Clay
MO0115118 Kelso WWTF Scott
MO0136760 Kemin Industries, Inc. Lawrence
MO0028568 Kennett Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Dunklin
MO0117331 Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation Greene
MO0134309 Keystone Estates WWTP Lincoln
MO0122351 Keystone Village Condominiums Camden
MO0048640 Keytesville WWTF Chariton
MO0122173 Kickapoo Mobile Home Park Morgan
MO0118591 Kidder WWTF Caldwell
MO0117803 Kids Across America Kamp I Barry
MO0123285 Kids Across America Kamp II WWTF Barry
MO0111805 Kiesel Company, Kiesel Marine, The St. Louis
MO0046931 Kimberling City WWTF Stone
MO0109657 Kimberling Shores Condominiums Stone
MO0130567 Kinchlow Ranch Estates WWTF Camden
MO0136981 Kinder Morgan St. Louis Liquid Terminal St. Louis City
MO0108278 King Apartments Pulaski
MO0049662 King City Wastewater Lagoon DeKalb
MO0127370 Kingdom City WWTF Callaway
MO0107450 Kingdom City Shopping Center #318 Callaway
MO0128783 Kings Cove Resort WWTF Stone
MO0106046 Kings River Beach Subdivision Barry
MO0000931 Kingsford Manufacturing Company Maries
MO0087921 Kingston K-14 School Washington
MO0120405 Kingston WWTP Caldwell
MO0025844 Kingsville Wastewater Stabilization Lagoon Johnson
MO0049506 Kirksville WWTP Adair
MO0096083 Kiwanis Camp Wyman WWTF St. Louis
MO0129208 Kleffner Ridge Estates Cole
MO0137391 Klein Campbell Morgan
MO0129127 Klondike Park WWTP St. Charles
MO0134210 Knights of Columbus Council #8920 WWTF Crawford
MO0080918 Knob Noster Trailer Park Johnson
MO0054496 Knob Noster Valley Hill Lagoon Johnson
MO0048712 Knob Noster WWTF Johnson
MO0099040 Knolls Resort Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0095745 Knox City WWTF Knox
MO0095583 Kober's MHP Franklin
MO0128180 Koch Private Treatment Facility Johnson
MO0123358 Koller Craft Plastic Products Jefferson
MO0123404 Koshkonong WWTP Oregon
MO0119636 KP's Suds and Such, LLC Callaway
MO0001945 Kraft Foods Global Greene
MO0104337 Kraft Foods Global - Columbia Boone
MO0123005 Krull, Carl Lagoon Gasconade


MO0128066 L and L MHP Lincoln
MO0000388 L and P Acquisition L.L.C. - 5 Cape Girardeau
MO0128058 La Char Estates Subdivision Callaway
MO0114910 Labadie WWTF Franklin
MO0100684 LaBelle NW WWTF Lewis
MO0130427 Laclede County PWSD #3 Laclede
MO0114804 Laclede Gas Company - Underground Propane Cavern St. Louis
MO0092932 Laclede WWTF Linn
MO0039683 Laddonia WWTF Audrain
MO0002666 LaFarge North America, Inc. - Sugar Creek Plant Jackson
UI0000012 LaFarge, Sugar Creek Plant Jackson
MO0041203 LaGrange WWTF Lewis
MO0053708 Lake Adelle Sewer District Jefferson
MO0120995 Lake Breeze Estates WWTF Callaway
MO0087360 Lake Brothers Storage and Rentals WWTF Crawford
MO0108332 Lake Chateau Subdivision Boone
MO0004880 Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) Jackson
MO0103641 Lake Country Village POA Stone
MO0137448 Lake Forest Condos WWTP Camden
MO0035742 Lake Forest Estates Subdivision WWTF Ste. Genevieve
MO0114014 Lake Forest Hills Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0094200 Lake Hannibal Estates WWTF Ralls
MO0113794 Lake Hills Park, LLC WWTP Benton
MO0124001 Lake Home Neighbor's Association Morgan
MO0128830 Lake Jacomo Campground Extended Aeration Plant Jackson
MO0090913 Lake Kinippi Subdivision Jefferson
MO0125113 Lake Landscaping and Construction WWTF Camden
MO0055425 Lake Lotawana WWTP No. 1 Jackson
MO0131962 Lake Lotawana WWTP No. 2 Jackson
MO0090841 Lake MyKee South WWTF Callaway
MO0136859 Lake MyKee Callaway
MO0088510 Lake Nehai Tonkayea WWTF Chariton
MO0106526 Lake Northwoods Estates Gasconade
MO0103241 Lake of the Ozarks Regional WWTP #1 Miller
MO0131377 Lake Ozark Speedway Miller
MO0137073 Lake Point Landing Subdivision Barry
MO0102733 Lake Pointe Condominiums Camden
MO0119458 Lake Ridge Bay Subdivision Benton
MO0045501 Lake Road Village Park Adair
MO0122882 Lake Run Estates WWTP Camden
MO0091529 Lake Sherwood Estates Subdivision Warren
MO0136298 Lake Tishomingo WWTF Jefferson
MO0127485 Lake View Subdivision Montgomery
MO0101656 Lake Village Estates WWTF Monroe
MO0101672 Lake Virginia Subdivision East Lagoon Jefferson
MO0133647 Lake Wappapello VFW Post 3416 WWTF Wayne
MO0034088 Lake Wauwanoka Subdivision WWTP Jefferson
MO0119032 Lakeland R-III School District WWTF St. Clair
MO0102733 Lakepointe Condominiums Camden
MO0045501 Lakeroad Village Park WWTF Adair
MO0118664 Lakeside Community Inc. Phelps
MO0106411 Lakeside Estates Homeowners Association Phelps
MO0113948 Lakeside Estates WWTF Audrain
MO0041408 Lakeside Estates WWTP Johnson
MO0086274 Lakeside Manor WWTF Jefferson
MO0127477 Lakeview Residential Care, LLC Wayne
MO0105066 Lakeview Resort Condominiums Camden
MO0138525 Lakeway Village WWTF Taney
MO0114120 Lakewood Care Center Jefferson
MO0086975 Lakewood Court Phelps
MO0085341 Lakewood MHP Crawford
MO0094277 Lakewood Mobile Home Park Johnson
MO0116602 Lakewood Park LLC Stone
MO0122491 Lakewood Terrace Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0111431 Lakewood Trails WWTF Jefferson
MO0110272 Lamar Closed Sanitary Landfill Barton
MO0044172 Lamar WWTF Barton
MO0108090 LaMonte NW WWTF Pettis
MO0108081 LaMonte SE WWTF Pettis
MO0100251 Lanagan Housing Authority #2 WWTP McDonald
MO0039691 Lancaster WWTF Schuyler
MO0106542 Lance L. Cox Audrain
MO0111511 Land O' Lakes Purina Feed LLC Buchanan
MO0118796 Landmarc Estates WWTF Taney
MO0113671 Landmark Manufacturing Corporation Daviess
MO0137014 Lange-Stegmann Company St. Louis
MO0115096 Lantern Bay WWTF Stone
MO0058246 LaPlata WWTF Macon
MO0125121 Laquey R-5 School District Pulaski
MO0131831 Laquey Subdivision WWTF Pulaski
MO0094692 Laredo WWTF Grundy
MO0124583 LaRosa Apartment Complex WWTF Ripley
MO0113158 Larry Neal Callaway
MO0112976 Larry's Cedar Resort Dallas
MO0126608 Larry's on the Lake Camden
MO0112704 Lathrop Lagoon Clinton
MO0104400 Laura Meadows Apartments WWTP Franklin
MO0127906 Laurie WWTP Morgan
MO0091031 Lawson Wastewater Lagoon Clay
MO0129984 Lazy Acres Subdivision WWTP Pike
MO0131148 Lazy River WWTF Miller
MO0101087 LBVSD, Atherton WWTP Jackson
MO0058629 LBVSD, Middle Big Creek WWTF Cass
MO0099228 LCPWSD #1, Green Acres Lincoln
MO0127698 LCPWSD #1, White Fences Lincoln
MO0132403 LCPWSD #3, Cornerstone Estates WWTF Laclede
MO0130427 LCPWSD #3, Hickory Hills WWTP Laclede
MO0105546 Lead-M Oakland Woods, LLC Jefferson
MO0091553 Lead-M Sunset Village Pettis
MO0104256 Leadwood WWTF St. Francois
MO0099830 Leasburg Wastewater Lagoon Crawford
MO0119831 Leath & Sons, Inc. Jackson
MO0089010 Lebanon Wastewater Treatment Facility Laclede
MO0125784 Ledge Stone Estates Camden
MO0114243 Lee Street Lagoon Callaway
MO0125351 Lee's Summit Elementary School Jackson
MO0110876 Lee's Summit Landfill Jackson
MO0138941 Lee's Summit Municipal Airport Jackson
MO0114537 Leesville R-9 School Henry
MO0116076 Leeton Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Johnson
MO0135101 Legacy Park Subdivision Clay
MO0000388 Leggett and Platt, Inc. Cape Girardeau
MO0119377 Lehenbauer Premanufactured Home Park Callaway
MO0048810 Lehman Acres WWTF Cole
MO0124818 Lehman's Restaurant Morgan
MO0113891 Lemons Landfill East Stoddard
MO0000698 Lenco (NLC INC.) Cape Girardeau
MO0092541 Leonard MHP Jefferson
MO0136115 Leonard WWTF Shelby
MO0121461 Les's Auto Center Henry
MO0127809 Leslie WWTP Franklin
MO0054534 Lesterville R-IV School Reynolds
MO0130923 Les Bourgeois Winery Boone
MO0117650 Lewis County Elementary Lewis
MO0101214 Lewis County Nursing Home Lewis
MO0120570 Lewistown WWTF Lewis
MO0025216 Lexington WWTF Lafayette
MO0124044 Lhoist North America Ste. Genevieve
MO0045837 Liberal WWTF Barton
MO0129003 Liberty Baptist Church Boone
MO0127418 Liberty High School WWTF Shannon
MO0081531 Liberty Hills WWTP Clay
MO0102172 Liberty EX-1 Well Clay
MO0085855 Liberty Village MHP WWTP Clay
MO0137111 Liberty Wastewater Treatment Plant Clay
MO0040118 Licking Northwest WWTP Texas
MO0125741 Life Enhancement Village of the Ozarks Taney
MO0110931 Lifepointe Church St. Louis
MO0044261 Lifestyle MHP Jefferson
MO0048178 Lilbourn WWTF New Madrid
MO0107026 Lincoln County Egg Farm Lincoln
MO0121886 Lincoln County PWSD #1 WWTF Lincoln
MO0125954 Lincoln Co. PWSD #2, Emerald Estates Lincoln
MO0120227 Lincoln WWTP Benton
MO0116262 Lindemann-Home Town MHC Lincoln
MO0116106 Lindemann Mobile Home Park Lincoln
MO0124192 Lindenwood Skyway Farm Lincoln
MO0091952 Linn Acres Mobile Home Park Osage
MO0111597 Linn Creek WWTF Camden
MO0099074 Linn County R-I Public School WWTF Linn
MO0104353 Linn Meadow Apartments Osage
MO0051551 Linn WWTF Osage
MO0093491 Linneus WWTF Linn
MO0129160 Lion Point Subdivision Camden
MO0057363 Little City Mobile Home Park Boone
MO0114979 Little Dixie MHP Callaway
MO0104493 Little Dixie Truck Port Phelps
MO0134121 Little Indian Resort Stone
MO0111783 Live Oak Apartments Miller
MO0096270 Living Word Estates WWTP Barton
MO0131407 Living Word United Methodist Church St. Louis
MO0121916 Livonia WWTF Putnam
MO0136565 LKQ Remanufacturing Greene
MO0131199 Lockeport Landing WWTF Jefferson
MO0030473 Lockwood WWTF Dade
MO0082171 Lodge of the Four Seasons Camden
MO0124664 Lohman WWTP Cole
MO0123579 Lone Jack WWTP Jackson
MO0000809 Lone Star Industries Inc. Cape Girardeau
MO0037087 Lonedell R-14 School District WWTF Franklin
MO0132772 Long Creek Ranch WWTF Taney
MO0056065 Longhorn Motel Madison
MO0108278 Lookout Mountain Apartment Complex WWTF Pulaski
MO0107280 Lookout Pointe Mobile Home Park WWTF Pulaski
MO0035645 Lost Canyon Lakes Callaway
MO0103161 Lost Valley Lake Resorts Gasconade
MO0132691 Lot 51 Empire City WWTF Camden
MO0132926 Lots A and B, Buchanan Rd Morgan
MO0023124 Louisiana WWTP Pike
MO0026671 Lowry City WWTF St. Clair
MO0130869 Ludlow Wastewater Treatment Facility Livingston
MO0134082 Lucky 13 Condo Owners Association WWTF Stone
MO0129682 Luray Wastewater Treatment Facility Clark
MO0134228 Lurhaven Heights Subdivision Camden
MO0034088 L W Sewer Corp Jefferson


MO0113603 M and M Mobile Home Park WWTP Johnson
MO0121461 M. Burton Enterprises, LLC Henry
MO0114057 MAVON LLC, Walkers Corner Grocery Benton
MO0131211 MAWC, Anna Meadows Subd WWTF Lincoln
MO0130168 MAWC, Autumn Woods Estates WWTF Cole
MO0121550 MAWC, Benton County WWTF Benton
MO0124320 MAWC, Calley Trail Subdivision WWTP Callaway
MO0040461 MAWC, Cedar Hill Lagoon Jefferson
MO0103799 MAWC, Cedar Hill Sand Creek WWTF Jefferson
MO0121061 MAWC, Cedar Hills Subdivision WWTF Callaway
MO0098477 MAWC, Cedar Valley WWTF Cole
MO0003727 MAWC, Central Plant St. Louis
MO0109118 MAWC, Churchview WWTP Cole
MO0133779 MAWC, Coyote Ridge Subdivision WWTF Cole
MO0119326 MAWC, Deer Haven WWTP Cole
MO0129640 MAWC, Dogwood Lake Subdivision WWTP Callaway
MO0138517 MAWC, Evergreen Drive Acres WWTF Callaway
MO0082121 MAWC, Hickory Hills WWTF Moniteau
MO0119814 MAWC, Hidden Valley Subdivision WWTF Callaway
MO0132624 MAWC, Homestead Estates WWTF St. Louis
MO0088986 MAWC, Lake Carmel WWTF Cole
MO0035726 MAWC, Maplewood Subdivision WWTF Pettis
MO0033847 MAWC, Monticello Lagoon Cole
MO0118893 MAWC, Moreau Park Subdivision WWTF Cole
MO0003735 MAWC, North St. Louis
MO0101354 MAWC, Parkville WWTP Platte
MO0125016 MAWC, Redfield WWTP Cole
MO0093424 MAWC, Rustic Oaks Subdivision WWTP Cole
MO0128937 MAWC, Saddlebrooke WWTP Christian
MO0093734 MAWC, Shagbark WWTF Cole
MO0097632 MAWC, Shamrock Heights Subdivision WWTF Cole
MO0097004 MAWC, Stiefferman Subdivision WWTP Cole
MO0105759 MAWC, Sunny Brook WWTP Cole
MO0039012 MAWC, The Highlands WWTF Callaway
MO0116963 MAWC, Van Loo Estates WWTF Cole
MO0129658 MAWC, Wardsville NW WWTF Cole
MO0098817 MAWC, Warren-Lincoln County # 1 WWTP Warren
MO0100358 MAWC, Warren-Lincoln County No. 2 Warren
MO0095141 Mackenzie Ridge LLC St. Francois
MO0109452 Macks Creek Senior Citizen Housing Camden
MO0023221 Macon WWTP Macon
MO0128821 Madeira Cove WWTF Camden
MO0096920 Madison WWTP Monroe
MO0106402 Magellan Pipeline Company - Columbia Terminal Boone
MO0108430 Magellan Pipeline Company - Palmyra Terminal Marion
MO0117226 Magellan Terminals Holdings - St. Charles Terminal St. Charles
MO0001872 Magmont Operation Iron
MO0105732 Magnitude 7 Metals, LLC New Madrid
MO0098370 Maharishi C.A.E.- Waverly Lafayette
MO0032174 Maitland WWTF Holt
MO0130125 Majestic Lakes WWTF Lincoln
MO0135534 Majestic Oaks Park Miller
MO0119491 Major Custom Cable Inc. Cape Girardeau
MO0125598 Malden Industrial Park Lagoon Dunklin
MO0122793 Malfunction Junction MHP Jasper
MO0129542 Mallard Pointe WWTF Lincoln
MO0094404 Malta Bend WWTF Saline
MO0102229 Manderley Court MHP Jefferson
MO0050610 Mansfield WWTF Wright
MO0119857 Mansion Road Estates Lincoln
MO0081906 Mapaville Meadows WWTF No. 1 Jefferson
MO0102881 Mapaville Meadows Subdivision WWTF No. 2 Jefferson
MO0099058 Mapaville State School WWTF Jefferson
MO0092738 Maple Grove Elementary School Jefferson
MO0117471 Maple Hill Landfill Macon
MO0092207 Maple Hill Park WWTF Franklin
MO0120022 Maple Leaf WWTF Callaway
MO0105007 Maple Ridge MHP Warren
MO0127167 Maplewood Estates WWTF Johnson
MO0112241 Maranatha Bible Camp Lawrence
MO0118249 Marathon Electric Manufacturing Corporation Benton
MO0109762 Marble Hill WWTF Bollinger
MO0039721 Marceline WWTP Linn
MO0122394 Mariner's West Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0109622 Marion County PWSD #1 WWTF Marion
MO0023159 Marionville WWTF Lawrence
MO0103675 Mark Twain Landing Ralls
MO0137189 Markway Meadows WWTF Cole
MO0116246 Marquand WWTF Madison
MO0137618 Marquis-Missouri Terminal, LLC Pemiscot
MO0128678 Marshall Junction Enterprise LLC Saline
MO0032883 Marshall Southeast WWTP Saline
MO0040843 Marshfield WWTF Webster
MO0036200 Marston WWTF New Madrid
MO0044113 Marthasville WWTF Warren
MO0022349 Martinsburg WWTF Audrain
MO0084239 Mary's Home Lagoon Corporation Miller
MO0099953 Mary's Ranch Inc. Bollinger
MO0136808 Maryville Carbon Solutions, LLC Nodaway
MO0033286 Maryville WWTP Nodaway
MO0115177 Massas Creek MHP Warren
MO0132713 Master Key Home Place Subdivision Callaway
MO0099198 Mathis Trailer Court Boone
MO0127175 Matthews WWTF New Madrid
MO0133299 Matt's Steakhouse WWTF Phelps
MO0123692 Maxwell Estates Camden
MO0041106 Maysville Lagoons DeKalb
MO0055131 Mayview Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Lafayette
MO0094374 McArthy Homesites #2 WWTF Jefferson
MO0109789 McCormick Distilling Company Platte
MO0135208 McDonnell Douglas Corp. Tract 5 St. Charles
MO0138134 McKittrick BP Montgomery
MO0125563 McLain MHP Lincoln
MO0125300 McLean, John and Terenna Wright
MO0127787 MDC, Discovery Center Jackson
MO0123820 MDC, Lost Valley Fish Hatchery Benton
MO0109975 MDC, Powder Valley Nature Center St. Louis
MO0099058 MDESE, Mapaville State School for the Severly Handicapped Jefferson
MO0109941 MDNR, Bennett Spring State Park Dallas
MO0129259 MDNR, Big Lake State Park WWTF Holt
MO0137896 MDNR, Echo Bluff State Park WWTP 1 Shannon
MO0137898 MDNR, Echo Bluff State Park WWTP 2 Shannon
MO0137901 MDNR, Echo Bluff State Park WWTP 3 Shannon
MO0034509 MDNR, Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park WWTF St. Louis
MO0120057 MDNR, Lake Wappapello State Park WWTF Wayne
MO0136212 MDNR, Long Branch State Park WWTF Macon
MO0098281 MDNR, Meramec State Park WWTF Franklin
MO0034819 MDNR, Montauk State Park Dent
MO0134511 MDNR, Onondaga Cave State Park WWTF Crawford
MO0128805 MDNR, Pomme de Terre State Park - Pittsburg Hickory
MO0034843 MDNR- Roaring River State Park Barry
MO0041734 MDNR, Sam A. Baker State Park STP Wayne
MO0135933 MDNR, Stockton State Park Cedar
MO0097993 MDNR, St. Joe State Park St. Francois
MO0034916 MDNR, Trail of Tears State Park Cape Girardeau
MO0104663 MDNR, Trail of Tears State Park Visitors Center Cape Girardeau
MO0097969 MDNR, Viney Creek Park WWTF Barry
MO0133728 MDNR, Washington State Park WWTF Washington
MO0034959 MDNR, Watkins Mill State Park Clay
MO0119369 MDOC, Maryville Treatment Center Nodaway
MO0053937 MDOC, Moberly Correctional Center WWTF Randolph
MO0093556 MDOC, Ozark Correctional Center Webster
MO0056227 MoDOT, I-44 Rest Area, Conway Webster
MO0094021 MoDOT, I-55 Rest Area Cape Girardeau
MO0090581 MoDOT, I-55 Rest Area Bloomsdale WWTF Ste. Genevieve
MO0137910 MoDOT, TS4 Cole
MO0133663 MoDOT, Visitor Welcome Center WWTF Harrison
MO0037052 MDPS, Camp Clark WWTF Vernon
MO0098639 MDPS, Troop F Headquarters Cole
MO0031496 MDSS, W.E. Sears Youth Center Butler
MO0105902 MDYS, Delmina Woods Regional Facility Christian
MO0122742 MDYS, Watkins Mill Park Camp For Youths Clay
MO0123561 Meadowbrook Valley Estates WWTF Jefferson
MO0132659 Meadow Estates Subdivision Barry
MO0053228 Meadow Heights R-II School District WWTF Bollinger
MO0133868 Meadow Lakes Estates Miller
MO0110094 Meadow Lake Farm Subdivision WWTF Franklin
MO0127540 Meadows Water Company Greene
MO0106755 Meadowlark Mobile Home Park WWTF Pettis
MO0041114 Meadville WWTF Linn
MO0124010 Meek Poultry Inc. Harrison
MO0125792 Mega Plex Cooper
MO0124699 Mehmert Place WWTF Cole
MO0091073 Melody Lake Water and Sewer LLC Franklin
MO0000299 MEMC Inc. - St. Peters Plant St. Charles
MO0041173 Memphis WWTF Scotland
MO0094714 Mendon WWTF Chariton
MO0128970 Menlo Park Lots 9 and 10 WWTF Camden
MO0124940 MEP Pleasant Hill - Aries Power Plant Cass
MO0106569 Meramec Heights Shopping Center WWTF Jefferson
MO0091162 Meramec Sewer Company Jefferson
MO0089630 Meramec Valley Campground Crawford
MO0056057 Mercer WWTF Mercer
MO0119687 Merchants Field WWTF Christian
MO0125865 Merritt's Campground Dallas
MO0091936 Merryweather Meadows MHP Mississippi
MO0093882 Mertens Convenience Store Callaway
MO0119989 Meta Senior Apartments Osage
MO0133574 Metro Fill Development Demolition Landfill St. Charles
MO0122424 Metro West Firehouse #5 WWTP St. Louis
MO0036242 Mexico WWTP Audrain
MO0128236 MFA Agri Service - Thompson Audrain
MO0133396 Michael Skokan WWTF Camden
MO0123323 Michael's Cove Subdivision Camden
MO0122921 Mickeyland Camden
MO0000591 Mid America Brick & Structural Clay Products Audrain
MO0090743 Mid-America Teen Challenge Cape Girardeau
MO0113964 Mid-American Coaches, Inc. Franklin
MO0131008 Mid-Missouri Energy LLC Saline
MO0055387 Middletown City Lagoon Montgomery
MO0100862 Midway Auto/Truck Plaza Boone
MO0083976 Midway Bar and Grill Ste. Genevieve
MO0122696 Midway Heights Elementary School Boone
MO0117269 Midway Village MHP Warren
MO0100609 Midwest Energy Inc. Cape Girardeau
MO0123617 Mikukolo Resorts L C (dba Wilsons Resort) Camden
MO0048151 Milan WWTF Sullivan
MO0132357 Mill Creek Landing Barry
MO0132985 Mill Creek MHP WWTF Madison
MO0130214 Mill Creek Resort WWTF Stone
MO0115070 Mill Creek Shores Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0122718 Mill Spring Chip Plant Wayne
MO0135437 Mill Springs RV Resort Benton
MO0106291 Millard WWTF Adair
MO0122483 Miller County Justice Center Miller
MO0086631 Miller County Care and Rehabilitation Center WWTF Miller
MO0083879 Miller County R-III - Tuscumbia WWTF Miller
MO0041149 Miller Municipal Lawrence
MO0121100 Millersburg Business Park Callaway
MO0113158 Millersburg Feed and Trade, LLC Callaway
MO0104523 Millstone Townhomes Morgan
MO0134392 Millstone WWTF Andrew
MO0116581 Mindenmines WWTF Barton
MO0095133 Miner WWTF Scott
MO0100404 Mingo Job Corps Stoddard
MO0132535 Mingo Residential Care Stoddard
MO0112453 Minnow Brook Estates Camden
MO0132951 Miramar WWTF Camden
MO0128228 Miss Kitty's Salon Johnson
MO0128023 Missionary Acres Wastewater Treatment Facility Wayne
MO0106852 Mississippi Lime Company Ste. Genevieve
UI0000009 Mississippi Lime Company Peerless Ste. Genevieve
MO0004600 Missouri American Water Company Cole
MO0107484 Missouri Baptist Children's Home - Byrne Campus WWTF Cass
MO0131342 Missouri Biosolids, L.L.C. Callaway
MO0135801 Missouri Biosolids North Farm Callaway
MO0004588 Missouri City Power Station Clay
MO0124010 Missouri Egg Farm LLP Harrison
MO0132489 Missouri Ethanol, LLC Audrain
MO0100412 Missouri Girls Town Callaway
MO0001422 Missouri Lime, LLC St. Francois
MO0134627 Missouri National Guard (MONG) Springfield Greene
MO0127001 Missouri Park and Campground Wright
MO0085715 Missouri River Outfitters Callaway
MO0127931 Missouri Tie and Timber Inc. Reynolds
MO0138231 Missouri Walnut LLC Newton
MO0124109 Mistwood Bluff - Lots C1 and C2 Camden
MO0138274 MOANG, Macon Training Site Macon
MO0122840 Moark 7 Farms Newton
MO0122572 Moark, Anderson Farm McDonald
MO0040461 MO American, Cedar Hill Lagoon Jefferson
MO0103799 MO American, Sand Creek STP Jefferson
MO0127825 Mo S&T - Power Plant Phelps
MO0126357 MO Petroleum Products Company, LLC St. Louis
MO0095605 Moberly Country Club Randolph
MO0117960 Moberly East Wastewater Treatment Plant Randolph
MO0045021 Moberly Mobile Home Park WWTF Randolph
MO0108723 Moberly Sanitary Landfill Randolph
MO0045578 Mobile Village MHP Boone
MO0123196 Mockingbird Beach Camden
MO0089362 Mockingbird Wastewater Corporation WWTF Jefferson
MO0115282 Modern Day Veterans #279 dba Valley Bar and Grill Benton
MO0106275 Mokane WWTF Callaway
MO0130061 Molokai Pointe Estates WWTP Camden
MO0110230 Mondi Jackson, Inc. Cape
MO0132284 Monett Municipal Airport
MO0021440 Monett WWTF Barry
MO0055379 Monroe City WWTF Monroe
MO0126951 Monroe County PWSD #2, Holliday Monroe
MO0126888 Monroe County PWSD #2, Rush Hill Audrain
MO0096831 Monsees Lake Estates Pettis
MO0134716 Montgomery Association, Inc. Lot 8 Camden
MO0127124 Montgomery City Clear Creek WWTP Montgomery
MO0084158 Montgomery City East WWTP Montgomery
MO0123391 Montgomery Co. PWSD No. 1, Oak Ridge Estates Warren
MO0125521 Montgomery County Speedway Montgomery
MO0123803 Monticello WWTF Lewis
MO0091723 Montrose WWTF Henry
MO0101117 Montrose Gen Station Utility Waste Landfill Henry
MO0113204 Moon Ridge Foods LLC Polk
MO0133329 Moonlight Valley Subdivision WWTF Pulaski
MO0030821 Morehouse WWTF New Madrid
MO0120413 Moreland's WWTF Maries
MO0126195 Morley WWTF Scott
MO0132594 Morningside Church WWTF Stone
MO0119016 Morrison WWTF Gasconade
MO0128708 Morrisville WWTP Polk
MO0129852 Moscow Mills Crooked Creek WWTF Lincoln
MO0119709 Moscow Mills, NW Area Treatment Facility Lincoln
MO0120910 Motomart St. Louis
MO0118249 Motor Technologies Group - Regal-Beloit Corp. Benton
MO0137227 Mott Auto Sales Laclede
MO0043583 Mound City Lagoon Holt
MO0106861 Mount Vernon Terminal Lawrence
MO0022381 Mount Vernon WWTF Lawrence
MO0125300 Mountain Grove Christian Academy Wright
MO0028711 Mountain Grove East WWTF Wright
MO0042111 Mountain Grove West WWTF Wright
MO0026310 Mountain View WWTP Howell
MO0129194 Mozingo Lake Recreation Area Nodaway
MO0025178 MSD, Bissell Point WWTP St. Louis
MO0025160 MSD, Coldwater Creek WWTF St. Louis
MO0086126 MSD, Fenton WWTP St. Louis
MO0101362 MSD, Grand Glaize WWTF St. Louis
MO0025151 MSD, Lemay WWTP St. Louis
MO0127949 MSD, Lower Meramec WWTP St. Louis
MO0004391 MSD, Missouri River WWTP St. Louis
MO0107735 MU Power Plant Boone
MO0110621 Mulberry Acres, LLC Cape Girardeau
MO0124389 Mulberry Well Camden
MO0113328 Municipal River Terminal St. Louis
MO0118753 Murphy Brown, Hedgewood Finishing Farm Mercer
MO0131067 Murphy Family Ventures, Bellamy Pyramid Vernon
MO0131059 Murphy Family Ventures, Dover Pyramid Vernon
MO0131041 Murphy Family Ventures, Doylesport Pyramid Barton
MO0131032 Murphy Family Ventures, Ozark-Osage Pyramid Vernon
MO0137375 MW Recycling LLC Jefferson
MO0131865 Myetta Woods Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0130001 Myrick Manor Franklin