Final Site Specific Permits

(F - J)

All site-specific permits will be posted to this site as they are listed for final issuance.

You can find permits issued on or after Jan. 11, 2002 on the following table listed by applicant in alphabetical order.

Permit Number Applicant County


MO0054101 FAG Bearings LLC Newton
MO0098060 Fabick Foristell St. Charles
MO0111708 Fair Grove WWTP Greene
MO0113514 Fair Play WWTF Polk
MO0050601 Fairfax Lagoon Atchison
MO0128953 Fairgrounds Apartments Osage
MO0112631 Fairview WWTF Newton
MO0129721 Faith Christian Fellowship STP Warren
MO0129631 Faith Family Fellowship Church Howard
MO0127621 Faith Foundations Childrens' Home Madison
MO0114596 Faith Temple House of God Pulaski
MO0103055 Faller MHP WWTF Franklin
MO0103969 Falls Condominiums, The WWTF Camden
MO0055409 Farber WWT Lagoon Audrain
MO0119512 Farm View MHP Lincoln
MO0038776 Farmers Mutual WWTF Macon
MO0056553 Farmington Manor St. Francois
MO0028860 Farmington East WWTP Francois
MO0040312 Farmington West WWTF St. Francois
MO0115487 Farmland Foods, Milan Processing Plant Sullivan
MO0053627 Farmland Industries - Gypstack Property Jasper
MO0119512 Farmview MHP Lincoln
MO0120758 Farris Five Inc. Buchanan
MO0087734 Fast N Friendly DQ Saline
MO0135593 Fastlane Taylor WWTP Marion
MO0049280 Fawn Meadows Subdivision WWTP Jefferson
MO0054071 Fawn Valley Estates Camden
MO0044954 Fayette WWTF Howard
MO0125539 FCPWSD #1, Cobblestone Creek Franklin
MO0131431 FCPWSD #1, Baucky View Franklin
MO0112828 FCPWSD #1, Emerald City Franklin
MO0106593 FCPWSD #1, Evergreen Terrace Subdivision Franklin
MO0126241 FCPWSD #1, Karkow Area Lagoon Franklin
MO0114189 FCPWSD #1, Twin Lakes Franklin
MO0106534 FCPWSD #3, Ad Deum Subdivision Franklin
MO0114987 FCPWSD #3, Charing Cross Franklin
MO0126403 FCPWSD #3, Eastland Oaks Franklin
MO0108251 FCPWSD #3, Golden Pond Subdivision Franklin
MO0132802 FCPWSD #3, Horseshoe Valley WWTF Franklin
MO0133621 FCPWSD #3, Lake Wood Estates Franklin
MO0112275 FCPWSD #3, Lakewood MHP Franklin
MO0111937 FCPWSD #3, Little Fox Creek Franklin
MO0123145 FCPWSD #3, Martin's Field Franklin
MO0126691 FCPWSD #3, Ming Estates Franklin
MO0111554 FCPWSD #3, Pine Lake Estates Franklin
MO0133248 FCPWSD #3, Rainbow Lake Estates Franklin
MO0043362 FCPWSD #3, Red Barn Franklin
MO0113395 FCPWSD #3, St. Albans Franklin
MO0109908 FCPWSD #3, Tara Place Subdivision Franklin
MO0119113 FCPWSD #3, Twin View WWTP Franklin
MO0089656 FCPWSD #3, Victoria Gardens Franklin
MO0105589 FCPWSD #3, Woodridge Farms Franklin
MO0111457 Feed My People Jefferson
MO0096270 Feltenberger Enterprises / Courtesy Court, LLC Barton
MO0081957 Ferrell MHP Scott
MO0108707 Festus Airport Lagoon Jefferson
MO0138169 Festus Armory Jefferson
MO0080632 Festus-Crystal City STP Jefferson
MO0093343 Festus Fuel and Food Mart WWTF Jefferson
MO0122777 Festus, Interim West Treatment Plant Jefferson
MO0119890 Fiddlestix Treatment Plant St. Charles
MO0117722 Fillmore WWTF Andrew
MO0092754 Findett Corporation St. Charles
MO0132896 Fish Creek Landfarm #1 Saline
MO0135224 Fish Eye Morgan
MO0086932 Fisher Commercial Area WWTF Jefferson
MO0092827 Fisk WWTF Butler
MO0119288 Flame Resort Camden
MO0099902 Flat Creek Resort WWTF Stone
MO0118982 Flemington WWTF Polk
MO0041483 Fleischmann's Vinegar Company, Inc Christian
MO0138037 Floyd W. Jones Airport Laclede
MO0107816 Flying J No. 674 WWTP Warren
MO0086592 Flying M Ranch WWTP Franklin
MO0138118 FML Sand, LLC - Brewer Quarry Perry
MO0004936 Ford Motor Company, KC Assembly Plant Clay
MO0099813 Fordland WWTF Webster
MO0113808 Forest City WWTP Holt
MO0126501 Forest Glen Homeowners Association WWTF Stone
MO0089877 Forest Hill Manor MHP Jefferson
MO0135046 Forest Hills WWTF Franklin
MO0119466 Forest Lane Subdivision WWTP Stone
MO0097225 Forest Meadows Subdivision Cape Girardeau
MO0114341 Forest Park Estates WWTF Taney
MO0109096 Forest Park Subdivision Stone
MO0130991 Forest Ridge Property Owners Association Camden
MO0126501 Forests Glen and Quail Ridge Subdivision Stone
MO0116114 Foristell Interim WWTF St. Charles
MO0120294 Former Koppers Facility Jackson
MO0000311 Former Missouri Chemical Works (MCW) Pike
MO0117331 Former Tronox Facility Greene
MO0113034 Forsyth WWTF Taney
MO0029742 Fort Leonard Wood WWTF Pulaski
MO0058068 Fort Leonard Wood Water Treatment Plant Pulaski
MO0131539 Fortuna Wastewater Facilities Moniteau
MO0138061 Foster South Mine Bates
MO0109746 Fountain Plaza Mobile Home Park WWTF Webster
MO0118605 Four Seasons Lakesites WWTF Camden
MO0136930 Four Seasons Resort Stone
MO0133949 Four Waters Estates Camden
MO0134937 Fox Cove Estates Camden
MO0137146 Fox Fire Sewer Association, Inc. Barry
MO0035599 Fox Hollow WWTF Randolph
MO0120006 Fox Run Clay
MO0113107 Fox Run Golf Club Jefferson
MO0133108 Fox Wood Shores Stone
MO0114332 France Country Place Boone
MO0040134 Frankford WWTF Pike
MO0110787 Franklin County Industrial Park WWTP Franklin
MO0133621 Franklin County PWSD #3, Lake Wood Estates Franklin
MO0131881 Fred McAdams Camden
MO0081582 Fred Weber, Inc. - Waste Transfer Station St. Louis
MO0097543 Fred Weber, Landfill and Compost St. Louis
MO0028690 Fredericktown WWTP Madison
MO0058220 Freeburg WWTF Osage
MO0104248 Freeman WWTF Cass
MO0033901 Freeman Hills WWTF Audrain
MO0109274 Freistatt WWTF Lawrence
MO0106151 Fremont Hills WWTF Christian
MO0099759 Frontier Food Mart Cape Girardeau
MO0130699 Fruitland American Meat Cape Girardeau
MO0134864 Fugate Mobile Home Park Hickory
MO0127442 FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A. Inc. Clay
MO0113352 Fulton Sanitary Landfill Callaway
MO0103331 Fulton WWTP Callaway
MO0128431 Fun in the Son Ministries Stone


MO0113786 Gables Apartments Warren
MO0027570 Gainesville WWTF Ozark
MO0115801 Galamba, Inc. Jackson
MO0119067 Galena - Abesville Elementary Stone
MO0107182 Galena WWTF Stone
MO0027812 Gallatin WWTF Daviess
MO0095729 Galt WWTP Grundy
MO0118427 Ganpati, LLC Pettis
MO0046647 Garden City WWTF Cass
MO0130109 Garden Gate Assisted Living WWTF Camden
MO0134007 Gasconade Get Away RV Park WWTF Maries
MO0108863 Gasconade WWTP Gasconade
MO0089532 Gaslight Industrial Park Boone
MO0085782 Gaslight Mobile Home Park Boone
MO0052051 Gaslight Village Mobile Home Park Webster
MO0116459 Gateway Refrigerated Warehouses WWTP Warren
MO0002101 GE Industrial Systems Greene
MO0124681 Geisendorfer MHP Lewis
MO0133213 Gemstone Acres WWTF Stone
MO0004286 General Cable Industries, Inc. Pettis
MO0108618 George's Processing, Inc. Barry
MO0045390 Gerald East Lagoon Franklin
MO0045420 Gerald North Lagoon Franklin
MO0021423 Gideon WWTF New Madrid
MO0128287 Gilbane Rebuilders Boone
MO0098663 Gilman City WWTF Harrison
MO0119580 Gilster Mary Lee Corp Perry
MO0127248 Ginger Bay Subdivision Camden
MO0102245 Ginger Cove Subdivision Camden
MO0135950 GKN Aerospace Services, Inc. - St. Louis St. Louis
MO0084191 Gladlo Water and Sewer WWTF Phelps
MO0056162 Glaize Creek Sewer District WWTP Jefferson
MO0034240 Glasgow WWTF Howard
MO0133094 Glen Allen WWTF Bollinger
MO0128171 Glen Meadows Lincoln
MO0123412 Glenwood R-VIII School WWTP Howell
MO0119580 Glister-Mary Lee Corporation, McBride Plants Perry
MO0112372 Glory Apartment Complex Johnson
MO0100153 GM, Wentzville Assembly Center St. Charles
MO0113123 Go Convenience #11 Greene
MO0100536 Golden Bear Fireworks Franklin
MO0031658 Golden City WWTF Barton
MO0138151 Golden Oaks, LLC Saline
MO0118800 Golden Ponds Subdivision WWTF Callaway
MO0126161 Golden Triangle Energy, LLC Holt
MO0115339 Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream Scott
MO0123277 Good Samaritan Boys Ranch WWTF Polk
MO0112534 Goodman WWTF McDonald
MO0112372 Goodrich Apartments Johnson
MO0120715 Goodrich Mobile City Johnson
MO0120430 Goose Creek Wastewater Lagoon St. Francois
MO0135615 Gordonville WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0126390 Gorman Peterson WWTF Camden
MO0099287 Gower WWTP Buchanan
MO0094307 Graham WWTF Nodaway
MO0114235 Granada Meadows WWTP Jefferson
MO0107581 Granby WWTP Newton
MO0004847 Grand Avenue Station Jackson
MO0131555 Grand Cru WWTF Stone
MO0056162 Grand Glaize Sewer District Jefferson
MO0122343 Grand Highland Estates Cole
MO0113972 Grandin WWTF Carter
MO0106089 Grandview Condominiums Camden
MO0107280 Grandview Courts Mobile Home Park Pulaski
MO0084395 Grandview Plaza MHP WWTF Washington
MO0043818 Grandview R-II School District WWTP Jefferson
MO0027600 Grant City West Sanitary Lagoon Worth
MO0134821 Gravois Arm WWTP #2 Morgan
MO0098981 Gray Summit WWTF Franklin
MO0137081 Gray's at the Lake Camden
MO0085707 Great Circle Phelps
MO0108758 Great Western Motel Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Jackson
MO0091936 Green Acres Mississippi
MO0130508 Green Acres Mobile Home Camden
MO0101541 Green Acres Subdivision Osage
MO0103322 Green Castle WWTF Sullivan
MO0112135 Green City WWTF Sullivan
MO0085103 Green Forest R-II School Dent
MO0123137 Green Gables Lodger Camden
MO0086037 Green Hills MHP Boone
MO0131873 Green Hills Harbour WWTF Morgan
MO0093751 Green Meadows Subdivision WWTF Callaway
MO0108669 Green Meadows Subdivision Johnson
MO0049654 Green Ridge Lagoon Pettis
MO0127311 Green Rock Inc. WWTF Camden
MO0117331 Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trus Greene
MO0055603 Greenfield Southeast WWTF Dade
MO0055590 Greenfield West WWTF Dade
MO0091642 Greentop WWTF Adair
MO0093432 Greenville WWTF Wayne
MO0133141 Greenwood Generating Station


MO0121274 Greenwood Hills Subdivision Callaway
MO0132632 Gregory Mondry, Lot 9 Gene's Point Camden
MO0137707 Grisham Farms/Thomason Brothers Wright
MO0115291 GSA, Camp Fiddlecreek Franklin
MO0112208 GSA, Camp Oakledge Benton
MO0045497 GSA, Camp Tuckaho WWTF Lincoln
MO0124338 GSA, Silver Meadow Girl Scout Camp Boone


MO0094056 H.R. Electronics WWTF Jefferson
MO0102067 H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation - Lone Sta St. Clair
MO0101401 H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation - Piercing St. Clair
MO0123684 Hader Bluff Subdivision Miller
MO0102709 Hale WWTF Carroll
MO0131717 Haley's Way WWTF Morgan
MO0116947 Halifax Road WWTF Callaway
MO0128562 Halfway WWTF Polk
MO0137391 Hall Campbell Morgan
MO0137006 Hallmark Cards - Liberty Distribution Clay
MO0104990 Hallsville WWTF Boone
MO0127779 Hallsville United Methodist Church Boone
MO0022080 Hamilton Northeast Lagoon Caldwell
MO0022071 Hamilton Southeast WWTF Caldwell
MO0022063 Hamilton Southwest WWTF Caldwell
MO0137669 Hammons Products Company Cedar
MO0112721 Hannibal Sanitary Landfill Ralls
MO0085391 Hannibal WTP Marion
MO0093513 Hannibal WWTP Marion
MO0135992 Hansen's Green Waste Facility-Brookline Greene
MO0134201 Hansen's Wood & Green Waste Facility Stone
MO0083569 Hanson Hill Campground Callaway
MO0106771 Happy Hollow MHP Jefferson
MO0000710 Harbison-Walker Refractories- Vandalia Plant Audrain
MO0125288 Harbor at Port Royale Condos Camden
MO0137685 Harbor Campground and Marina Hickory
MO0106879 Harbour, The Morgan
MO0132501 Harbour Hills Subdivision Morgan
MO0106879 Harbour Marina, The Morgan
MO0128627 Harbour Ridge Subdivision Camden
MO0046655 Hardin WWTF Ray
MO0104809 Harrisburg WWTF Boone
MO0126179 Harrisonville South WWTP Cass
MO0028070 Harrisonville WWTF Cass
MO0054682 Hartville WWTF Wright
MO0099139 Hatton-McCredie Elementary School Callaway
MO0108961 Hava Space RV Park WWTF Morgan
MO0101206 Hawk Harbor Estates Condominiums WWTF Camden
MO0127736 Hawk Lake Estates WWTP Morgan
MO0028053 Hawk Point Wastewater Lagoon Lincoln
MO0119288 Hawks Landing WWTF Camden
MO0134431 Hawks Landing WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0112984 Hawthornes Condominiums Camden
MO0130303 Hawthorne Trace WWTF Morgan
MO0131717 Haley's Way WWTF Morgan
MO0133922 Hayes Bar Butler
MO0057673 Hayti Wastewater Lagoon #1 Pemiscot
MO0104485 Hazelwood Court MHP Jefferson
MO0117692 Hazmat, Inc. Jackson
MO0119130 Heartland Community WWTF Knox
MO0119130 Heartland Creamery WWTF - Community WWTF Knox
MO0129534 Heartland Presbyterian Center WWTF Platte
MO0135313 Heavy Duty Rebuilders Supply Inc. Christian
MO0117919 Heidi Hollow MHP Benton
MO0121282 Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries Benton
MO0130532 Helton-Sing, Inc. Camden
MO0000761 Hematite Decommissioning Project Jefferson
MO0003387 Henry Wurst, Inc. Clay
MO0109207 Henry's RV and Mobile Home Park WWTF Howell
MO0027111 Herculaneum WWTP Jefferson
MO0125512 Heritage Environmental Services LLC Jackson
MO0045403 Heritage Gardens New Madrid
MO0095605 Heritage Hills Golf Course Randolph
MO0116009 Hermann Industrial Tract Lagoon Gasconade
MO0112402 Hermit Hollow Subdivision WWTF Franklin
MO0031666 Hermitage WWTF Hickory
MO0129496 Hero's Mess Hall & Canteen WWTF Boone
MO0104311 Heron Cove Townhomes Camden
MO0127639 Heron Hollow WWTF Camden
MO0125644 Hickory Farms Subdivision Lincoln
MO0082121 Hickory Hills Water and Sewer WWTF Moniteau
MO0115169 Hickory Lane Mobile Home Park WWTF Jasper
MO0122114 Hickory Point Subdivision WWTF Camden
MO0131113 Hickory Village MHP WWTF Camden
MO0125067 Hidden Oaks Estates Camden
MO0118630 Hidden Ridge Estates Taney
MO0112437 Hidden Shores Subdivision Stone
MO0121029 Hidden Treasures Subdivision Morgan
MO0099325 Hidden Valley Estates WWTF Stone
MO0113131 Hidden Valley Golf Course STP St. Louis
MO0110515 Hidden Valley MHP Lincoln
MO0138541 Hideaway Lakes WWTF Caldwell
MO0108154 Hideaway Lodge WWTF Taney
MO0093505 Higbee WWTF Randolph
MO0023094 Higginsville I-70 North Lagoon Lafayette
MO0111848 Higginsville I-70 South Lagoon Lafayette
MO0023116 Higginsville North Lagoon Lafayette
MO0023108 Higginsville South Lagoon Lafayette
MO0100625 High Hill Circle MHP Boone
MO0102083 High Hill WWTF Montgomery
MO0110744 High Point Estates Subdivision Pulaski
MO0128082 Highland Estates Subdivision WWTP Nodaway
MO0134945 Highland Pines Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0115037 Highlands Sewer and Water Taney
MO0128091 Highlandville Christian
MO0112224 Highview Subdivision West Callaway
MO0120561 Highway 60 RV Park WWTF Newton
MO0113921 Hill-N-Dale Mobile Home Estates Camden
MO0088072 Hillcrest Manor WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0118303 Hillcrest Residential Care WWTP Boone
MO0119407 Hillers Creek Subdivision Callaway
MO0133230 Hillsboro, Brickyard Subdivision WWTF Jefferson
MO0129046 Hillsboro North WWTF Jefferson
MO0085383 Hillsboro Wastewater Reclamation Plant Jefferson
MO0127655 Hillsboro Jamestown MHP WWTF Jefferson
MO0124362 Hilltop Development WWTF Marion
MO0118273 Hilltop Acres Boone
MO0095141 Hilltop MHP Jefferson
MO0108910 Hilltop MHP Ralls
MO0110531 Hilltop MHP WWTF Crawford
MO0085588 Hillview Elementary School WWTF Butler
MO0102741 Hinkle's Point Pizza Hut WWTF Barry
MO0118354 Hinton Apartments Boone
MO0137456 Hocker Oil Gas Plus Oregon
MO0000159 Holcim, (US) Inc. Pike
MO0129518 Holcim, Ste. Genevieve Plant Ste. Genevieve
MO0022331 Holcomb WW Lagoon Dunklin
MO0057908 Holden Municipal WWTF Johnson
MO0127361 Holfert - Dalke WWTF Camden
MO0124851 Holiday Estates Camden
MO0089613 Holiday Lake Campgrounds Crawford
MO0116041 Hollister WWTF Taney
MO0120693 Hollyhock Harbor WWTP Camden
MO0119148 Holmes Creek Sewer Co. Clay
MO0109002 Holt Wastewater Lagoon Clay
MO0133205 Holtgrewe Farms Franklin
MO0106810 Holts Summit WWTP No. 1 Callaway
MO0118460 Homan Farm - Campbell Creek Gentry
MO0097594 Home Court Advantage, Inc. WWTF Polk
MO0056545 Homestead Village WWTF Ray
MO0093149 Homestead Trailer Park Pettis
MO0136948 Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies Boone
MO0054755 Hopkins WWTF Nodaway
MO0133027 Horizon Mobile Home Park Stone
MO0124648 Horizon West Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0055123 Hornersville Municipal Lagoon Dunklin
MO0109347 Horny Toad, The Camden
MO0050199 Horse Shoe Bend MHP Franklin
MO0137171 Horseshoe Bend No. 7 WWTF Camden
MO0099091 House Springs Apartments Jefferson
MO0039675 Houston WWTF Texas
MO0058475 Houstonia Lagoon Pettis
MO0137731 Howe Quarry Newton
MO0135747 HPI Products, Inc. Buchanan
MO0136735 HPI Products, Inc. - Sylvanie Plant Buchanan
MO0136018 HS Truman SP Campground Benton
MO0109304 HSSC, Cedar Springs Elementary School Jefferson
MO0100668 HSSC, Echo Valley Estates Jefferson
MO0100374 HSSC, House Springs Intermediate School Jefferson
MO0105201 HSSC, Pine Grove Manor Subd. Jefferson
MO0107808 Hudson R-9 Elementary Bates
MO0054089 Hughesville WWTF Pettis
MO0025739 Humansville WWTF Polk
MO0126080 Hume Mine Bates
MO0114715 Hume WWTF Bates
MO0119750 Humphreys WWTF Sullivan
MO0084972 Hunnewell WWTF Shelby
MO0129364 Hunter's Creek Subdivision Callaway
MO0082449 Hunter's Friend Resort WWTF Stone
MO0109592 Hunters Ridge Subdivision WWTF Pettis
MO0121371 Hunter's Ridge Subdivision WWTF St. Francois
MO0040827 Huntsville Northeast WWTF Randolph
MO0040819 Huntsville Northwest WWTF Randolph
MO0115894 Hurdland Wastewater Lagoon Knox
MO0125601 Hurley WWTF Stone
MO0082988 Hurricane Deck School Camden
MO0115380 Hurricane Dolly's WWTF Camden
MO0129313 Hussman (part of old SECO area) Franklin
MO0137642 Huster Substation St. Charles
MO0130966 Hutchens Estates II WWTF Camden
MO0128309 Hutchinson Salt - BNSF Railyard Linn
MO0131466 Hyd-A-Way Condominiums Owners Assoc. Camden


MO0056111 I-70 Mobile City Lagoon Lafayette
MO0101273 Iberia Lagoon WWTF Miller
MO0097543 IESI, MO Champ Landfill St. Louis
MO0127345 IESI, Timber Ridge Landfill Washington
MO0125130 Imperial Steakhouse Lagoon St. Francois
MO0115924 Independence Blue Valley Power Plant Jackson
MO0130401 Independence Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Jackson
MO0004588 Independence, Missouri City Power Station Clay
MO0089681 Independence, Rock Creek WWTF Jackson
MO0127272 Indian Creek Land Treatment System Monroe
MO0054259 Indian Creek MHP WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0110574 Indian Hills Resort Stone
MO0113301 Indian Point Condominiums Stone
MO0128376 Indian Point Water Association Stone
MO0134406 Indian Ridge Development Andrew
MO0107492 Indian Ridge MHP Ray
MO0130958 Indian Spring Estates WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0138266 Indian Trails Resort WWTF Stone
MO0122238 Industrial Service Corporation, Gate City Jackson
MO0002534 Ingredion Incorporated, North Kansas Clay
MO0095427 Injun Joe Campgrounds Ralls
MO0098906 Innsbrook Estates Warren
MO0131270 Inspiration Point WWTF Morgan
MO0124885 Integrity Correctional Centers Johnson
MO0130141 International Ingredient Corporation Barry
MO0109061 Inventory Sales Company WWTF Miller
MO0130028 Ionia WWTF Benton
MO0131695 IRIS Road LLC WWTF Newton
MO0118974 Irish Hills Lakeside Resort Camden
MO0122581 Iron Mountain Lake WWTF St. Francois
MO0109568 Irondale WWTF Washington
MO0026514 Ironton WWTF Iron
MO0137561 Irvine Housing Development McDonald
MO0132411 Isla Del Sol Condos WWTF Miller
MO0112500 IsoNova Technologies LLC Lawrence


MO0090182 J and H Backes Poultry Co. Osage
MO0117552 J Bar H Estates Camden
MO0129488 Jaegers Subdivision Sewer District Wastewater Treatment System Osage
MO0121169 J.D. Streett and Company, Inc. St. Louis City
MO0127183 J.F. Spalding Land Treatment System Ralls
MO0126454 Jackson County Vehicle Service Center Jackson
MO0022853 Jackson Municipal WWTP Cape Girardeau
MO0097527 Jacksonville WWTF Randolph
MO0129488 Jaegers Subdivision Sewer District WWTF Osage
MO0132241 Jakes Creek Trail Area WWTF Stone
MO0100315 James Valley Farms Subdivision WWTF Greene
MO0118010 Jameson WWTF Daviess
MO0087149 Jamesport WWTF Daviess
MO0057410 Jamestown North WWTF Moniteau
MO0058203 Jamestown South WWTF Moniteau
MO0044202 Jasper WWTF Jasper
MO0117544 Jassi Supermart Cass
MO0132373 Jaxson Estates WWTF St. Charles
MO0103233 JCPSD, Bear Creek Estates Jefferson
MO0134490 JCPSD, Brookside Parc WWTF Jefferson
MO0126926 JCPSD, Fisher Road WWTF Jefferson
MO0106909 JCPSD, Meadowbrook Estates Jefferson
MO0124788 JCPSD, Miller Crossing WWTF Jefferson
MO0134147 JCPSD, Mirasol WWTF Jefferson
MO0044580 JCPSD, Northwest High School Jefferson
MO0136468 JCPSD, Otto Express Mart Jefferson
MO0099473 JCPSD, Raintree Plantation WWTF Jefferson
MO0108642 JCPSD, Sycamore Springs MHP WWTF Jefferson
MO0103438 JCPSD, Woodridge Estates WWTF Jefferson
MO0131024 JCPSD, Yorktown WWTF Jefferson
MO0086347 Jeffco Holdings LLC Jefferson
MO0136450 Jeffco Landfill Jefferson
MO0119733 Jefferson Barracks Marine Service Inc. St. Louis
MO0114375 Jefferson City Landfill Cole
MO0094846 Jefferson City RWRF Callaway
MO0091065 Jefferson Co Dev Disabilities Resource B Jefferson
MO0101958 Jefferson County Library District WWTF Jefferson
MO0099473 Jefferson County PSD, Raintree WWTF Jefferson
MO0099635 Jefferson County PWSD #2 Jefferson
MO0102962 Jefferson Woods Subdivision WWTF Jefferson
MO0114898 Jeri Baxter Mobile Estates Johnson
MO0132632 Jim Coleman and Gregory Mondry Camden
MO0118095 Joel E. Barber School WWTF Laclede
MO0095371 Joey Acres Subdivision Lincoln
MO0134716 John and Rachel McCann Camden
MO0118877 Johnson County Egg Farm, LLC Johnson
MO0124885 Johnson County Jail and Sheriff Dept. WWTP Johnson
MO0137600 Johnson County PWSD #3 WWTF Johnson
MO0082945 Johnson County PWSD #3, Hickory Hills North WWTF Johnson
MO0050784 Johnson County PWSD #3, Hickory Hills South WWTF Johnson
MO0132110 Johnson Ridge Wastewater Treatment Plant Clay
MO0134813 Johnson Shut Ins State Park Reynolds
MO0103136 Jonathan's Landing Condominiums Camden
MO0081574 Jonesburg KOA Kampground Montgomery
MO0040851 Jonesburg WWTF Montgomery
MO0116866 Joplin Regional Stockyards WWTP Jasper
MO0134287 Joplin Shoal Creek RV Newton
MO0023256 Joplin, Shoal Creek WWTF Newton
MO0103349 Joplin, Turkey Creek WWTP Jasper
MO0110493 Jost Trailer Park Crawford
MO0098191 Jump Stop #308 St. Clair
MO0133132 Jumping Bass Cove Camden
MO0123846 Junction Inn WWTF Ralls