Missouri State Operating Permits

Permits Issued November 30, 2017 - December 6, 2017

We are posting final site-specific permits on the Internet as a means to increase the availability of this information. Permits will be placed on this site for public access as they are listed for final issuance.

Site Specific, General and Stormwater Permits Issued November 30, 2017 - December 6, 2017

MO0130575 Allen Acres Lincoln
MO0115550 Branson View Estates MHP WWTF Taney
MO0101184 Buckman Laboratories Inc. Washington
MO0001821 CF Industries Sales LLC-Palmyra Terminal Marion
MO0025208 Concordia North WWTF Lafayette
MO0023213 Dexter East WWTF Stoddard
MO0043206 Dexter West WWTF Stoddard
MO0098981 Gray Summit WWTF Franklin
MO0085391 Hannibal WTP Marion
MO0098906 Innsbrook Estates Warren
MO0129984 Lazy Acres Subdivision WWTP Pike
MO0113891 Lemons Landfill East Stoddard
MO0129542 Mallard Pointe WWTP Lincoln
MO0030791 Norborne Municipal WWTF Carroll
MO0122432 PCRSD, Red Rock WWTP Platte
MO0112445 Point Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0129755 Purcell WWTF Jasper
MO0055344 Ross Elementary School Pemiscot
MO0041092 Shelbina WWTP Shelby
MO0001180 SRG Global Coatings Inc. - Portageville New Madrid
MO0111210 St. Louis Lambert International Airport St. Louis
MO0030287 USACE, Orleans Trail Park WWTF Cedar
MO0099244 USACE, Stockton Power House WWTF Cedar
MO0060101 USCOE, Cedar Ridge WWTF Cedar
MO0059382 USCOE, Mutton Creek Marina WWTF Dade
MO0060178 USCOE, Mutton Creek Public Use Area Dade
MO0060089 USCOE, Ruark Northeast Park WWTF Dade
MO0031585 Weston WWTF Platte
MO0104566 Willow Bend MHP WWTP Jefferson