Missouri State Operating Permits

Permits Issued November 2, 2017 - November 8, 2017

We are posting final site-specific permits on the Internet as a means to increase the availability of this information. Permits will be placed on this site for public access as they are listed for final issuance.

Site Specific, General and Stormwater Permits Issued November 2, 2017 - November 8, 2017

MO0004863 Bannister Facility Jackson
MO0094242 Belleview Valley Nursing Home WWTF Iron
MO0004766 Chamois Power Plant Osage
MO0132438 Clifton Hill WWTF Randolph
MO0111686 Continental Cement Company Ralls
MO0130613 Enchanted Acres MHP WWTP Franklin
MO0110787 Franklin County Industrial Park WWTP Franklin
MO0134821 Gravois Arm WWTP #2 Morgan
MO0000710 Harbison-Walker Refractories-Vandalia Plant Audrain
MO0117692 Hazmat, Inc. Jackson
MO0128376 Indian Point Water Association Stone
MO0136981 Kinder Morgan St. Louis Liquid Terminal St. Louis City
MO0117471 Maple Hill Landfill Macon
MO0136808 Maryville Carbon Solutions, LLC Nodaway
MO0098817 MAWC, Warren-Lincoln County #1 WWTP Warren
MO0081981 Northwye MHP WWTF Phelps
MO0056987 Novinger WWTF Adair
MO0138649 Red Bud Subdivision WWTF Hickory
MO0112569 Saratoga Subdivision WWTF Callaway
MO0138444 Scott County Sanitary Landfill Scott
MO0111023 Seligman WWTF Barry
MO0120855 Timber Ridge Subdivision WWTF Morgan
MO0136051 Village of Country Club WWTF Andrew