Missouri State Operating Permits

Permits Issued September 28, 2017 - October 4, 2017

We are posting final site-specific permits on the Internet as a means to increase the availability of this information. Permits will be placed on this site for public access as they are listed for final issuance.

Site Specific, General and Stormwater Permits Issued September 28, 2017 - October 4, 2017

MO0100595 AG Processing Inc. Buchanan
MO0102695 AGC Training Center WWTF Montgomery
MO0085111 Belleview R-3 School District WWTP Iron
MO0048194 Burlington Junction WWTF Nodaway
MO0115410 CCSD, Catawissa WWTF Franklin
MO0106496 Centerview WWTF Johnson
MO0107841 Century Estates Subdivision Franklin
MO0108227 Chillicothe WWTP Livingston
MO0126462 Crabtree Lagoon System Johnson
MO0100129 Dixon WWTP Pulaski
MO0120260 Eagle Estates WWTF St. Francois
MO0040134 Frankford WWTF Pike
MO0058220 Freeburg WWTF Osage
MO0131873 Green Hills Harbour WWTF Morgan
MO0094056 H.R. Electronics WWTF Jefferson
MO0104990 Hallsville WWTF Boone
MO0127639 Heron Hollow WWTF Camden
MO0088072 Hillcrest Manor WWTF Cape Girardeau
MO0137600 Johnson County PWSD #3 WWTF Johnson
MO0134813 Johnson Shut Ins State Park Reynolds
MO0001945 Kraft Foods Global Greene
MO0092932 Laclede WWTF Linn
MO0114014 Lake Forest Hills Subdivision WWTF Stone
MO0110272 Lamar Closed Sanitary Landfill Barton
MO0023124 Louisiana WWTP Pike
MO0102229 Manderley Court MHP Jefferson
MO0022349 Martinsburg WWTF Audrain
MO0099953 Mary's Ranch Inc. Bollinger
MO0109118 MAWC, Churchview WWTP Cole
MO0119326 MAWC, Deer Haven WWTP Cole
MO0129658 MAWC, Wardsville NW WWTF Cole
MO0053228 Meadow Height R-II School District WWTF Bollinger
MO0083879 Miller County R-III Tuscumbia WWTF Miller
MO0100404 Mingo Job Corps WWTF Stoddard
MO0091723 Montrose WWTF Henry
MO0113328 Municipal River Terminal St. Louis
MO0112968 Oak View Apartments WWTP Camden
MO0026395 Odessa West Lagoon Lafayette
MO0101125 Otterville WWTF Cooper
MO0097381 Ravae's RV Resort WWTF Morgan
MO0106461 RCSD, Kimmswick WWTP Jefferson
MO0023299 Richland WWTP Pulaski
MO0136719 Rocky Mount WWTF Morgan
MO0054704 Shelbyville WWTF Shelby
MO0124419 Stoutland WWTP Camden
MO0093998 TAMKO Building Products Inc. WWTF Jasper
MO0001864 Timken SMO LLC Greene
MO0122459 USACE, Truman Reservoir WWTF Benton
MO0128481 Van's Mill Creek WWTF Morgan
MO0124796 Walnut Grove Park St. Francois
MO0096610 West Plains WWTP Howell
MO0098990 Wheatland WWTF Hickory
MO0088536 Wyatt WWTF Mississippi