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Water System Design Standards - Updates

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Public Drinking Water Branch has completed it update of Missouri's public drinking water design standards for construction or modification of community water systems in Missouri. A workgroup of Department of Natural Resources engineers and environmental specialists from around the state have developed final revisions to community water system standards and draft revisions to noncommunity standards based on new information. 

The Minimum Design Standards for Missouri Community Water Systems has been published and is effective as of Dec. 10, 2013.  The new community design standards replaces the 2003 publication Design Guide for Community Water Systems for new construction and modification of existing systems.   

The Standards for Noncommunity Public Water Supplies has been in effect as a rule since 1982. The department is in the process of replacing this rule with updated standards.  Formal rulemaking for noncommunity standards is expected to begin summer 2014.