Drinking Water Monitoring

The Public Drinking Water Branch's monitoring section is charged with ensuring Missouri public water supplies comply with state and federal rules and regulations and provide safe drinking water to all citizens.

Individual water systems are required to submit samples of their water for laboratory testing to verify the water they are serving to the public meets all federal and state standards. How often and where samples are taken varies by system and contaminant.

Courier Pick-up Points for Samples
Sample Collection Techniques for Coliform Analysis
Bacteriological Sampling Schedule
Order Bacteriological Water Analysis Sample Bottles
Add/Change Water System Points of Contact Form -- Mo 780-1232
Laboratories Certified for Drinking Water Analysis
Microbiological Analysis Report, Form--MO 780-0438
Department of Health and Senior Services Private Drinking Water Testing
Department of Health and Senior Services Public Drinking Water Testing
Backflow Prevention

Disinfection information

Chlorine monitoring
* Fact sheet for public drinking water systems, publication 2730

Chlorine conversion in routine maintenance of public drinking water systems

For more information, contact your regional office.

Lead Information

EPA Lead information
Lead in Missouri

Schools – Lead in Water Prevention Tips

Lead information for Public Water Systems

Community Water Supply: A public water system that supplies water to the same population year-round

Nontransient Noncommunity Water Supplies: A public water system that regularly supplies water to at least 25 of the same people at least six months per year. Some examples are schools, factories, office buildings, and hospitals which have their own water systems.

Customer Notification of Lead and Copper Results

Documents Included in Sample Kit

Lead and Copper Information for New Water Systems

Lead Public Education Documents

Routine Lead and Copper Monitoring Documents