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Note: The certified laboratories are listed by two categories of contaminants for which certification is given.  The specific analytes for which each lab is certified can vary.  You can verify a specific contaminant with the laboratory or request a list of the analytes for each laboratory from the Water Protection Program, Public Drinking Water Branch.


A certified laboratory must be used for any testing required by the Public Drinking Water Branch. Analysis of water samples from private residences or private wells does not have to be done by a certified laboratory.  There are other laboratories capable of performing analyses of private water samples in addition to the laboratories included on these lists.  These other labs have chosen to not go through our certification process, but may produce equivalent results if they have adequate quality assurance or quality control in place.

Find out how to become certified in Missouri by the Department of Natural Resources.

For more information, contact the Water Protection Program, Public Drinking Water Branch at 573-751-1077.


Chemical Analyses

Microbiological Analyses