Public Drinking Water Branch Red Tape Reduction Stakeholder Information

Under Gov. Greitens' leadership, all state agencies are working to reduce regulations or other government processes that unnecessarily burden individuals and businesses while doing little to protect or improve public health, safety and our natural resources. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is committed to limiting regulation to what is necessary to protect Missouri's environment, implement statutory mandates and maintain state control of programs. Any proposed changes to rules discussed on this page are being developed with these goals in mind. We welcome your comments to help insure that our regulations provide required protections but do not add unneeded costs.

Upcoming Meetings
Jan. 31, 2018
9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Lewis and Clark State Office Building
1101 Riverside Drive
Jefferson City

Draft text to be discussed:
10 CSR 60-2 – Definitions 
10 CSR 60-3 – Permits
10 CSR 60-4 – Contaminant Levels and Monitoring
10 CSR 60-6 – Enforcement
10 CSR 60-7 – Reporting
10 CSR 60-8 – Public Notification
10 CSR 60-9 – Record Maintenance
10 CSR 60-10 – Plans and Specifications
10 CSR 60-11 – Backflow Prevention
10 CSR 60-16 – Drinking Water Fees

At the meeting, draft language will be shown on a projection screen; however, hard copies of the draft rule text will not be provided. We request that you please let us know if you plan to attend the meeting so that we can ensure appropriate accommodations. For more information or on this stakeholder meeting or to let us know of your plans to attend, please contact Ms. Sheri Fry at