Element 7 - Strategic Planning for Future Development

Disposition of all Residual Waste

Over the next several years the department will continue efforts to develop its Missouri specific biosolids management program while maintaining good coordination with EPAs Nation biosolids program. Stakeholder meetings will be convened to discuss changes to the Missouri’s standard permit condition part III as well as revisions to guidance documents WQ 420 to WQ 449. The department will continue to develop better ways to help CAFO permittees develop and implement nutrient management plans when required by their state operating permits. This will involve coordination with the University of Missouri Cooperative Extension and Missouri Natural Resources Conservation Service. This effort will be in conjunction with the Missouri Nutrient Reduction Strategic Plan, which is due to be finalized in 2014. Efforts are underway and will continue to assist CAFO facilities that wish to conduct methane capture. These efforts will address water quality impact as well as promote the renewable energy source.