Element 4 - MOCWIS Permits and Compliance

The Permitting and Compliance component of MoCWIS provides numerous benefits. Upon its development, MoCWIS completely integrated three stand-alone systems and portions of a fourth. By doing this, it removed redundant storage and maintenance of data and associated costs, reduced time needed for data entry, improved accuracy of data, and reduced confusion about finding specific location information.

The Permitting and Compliance component of MoCWIS allows for WPP staff to capture all aspects of the permitting process, from the application and payment, draft permit, public notice period, and finally the issued permit. MoCWIS captures the terms and conditions of an issued permit including all parameter sampling and reporting requirements and narrative conditions, which are also referred to as Schedules of Compliance. MoCWIS also captures all compliance monitoring (e.g., inspections), compliance monitoring types, work plans, and the subsequent report as well as all enforcement activities for permitted and nonpermitted facilities.

MoCWIS also goes one step further. WPP staff use MoCWIS to conduct reporting for discharge monitoring reports, application status, public notice letter generation, issued permit letters, etc., thus removing the need for staff to draft those documents or reports.