Element 3 - TMDL Public Participation Process

Public review is required for all TMDLs under 40 CFR 130.7. All TMDLs in Missouri have a minimum 45-day public notice period. This public notice period provides an opportunity for the public to comment on the data, modeling, calculations and conclusions specified in the TMDL document. At a minimum, public notices are mailed or emailed directly to EPA, the Missouri Clean Water Commission, the Missouri Department of Conservation, county soil and water conservation districts, county health departments, watershed groups, state legislators, Stream Team volunteers living in or near the TMDL watershed, and any other relevant agencies or stakeholders. In cases of interstate waters, neighboring state agencies are also given public notice and an opportunity to comment.

Additionally, the department posts the public notice announcement and a water body information sheet, along with the TMDL document, on the department's website, making them available to anyone with access to the internet. TMDLs available for public notice can be found on the department's Water Protection Program public notice websiteand on the department's TMDL website. The department will also engage the public as needed, or if requested to do so, for solicitation of available data, public meetings and presentations.

The department also maintains an email distribution list to notify subscribers of significant TMDL updates or activities, including public notices and comment periods. Those interested in subscribing to TMDL updates may do so by submitting their email address using the online form.