Element 1 - Public Notices and Participation

The department issues both Site Specific and General Permits. For site specific permits the applicant is given 15 working days to preview the permit for non-substantive drafting errors prior to the permit being placed on formal public notice. Their site specific permit is then placed on public notice for a period of 30 days. The permittee as well as the general public may comment on the draft permit during this 30 day period. After the public notice period the department considers all comments received and makes the appropriate changes to the permit. Once this final step has been completed the department proceeds with the issuance of the permit.  Master General Permit templates are renewed on a five year permit cycle.  The master general permit template is public noticed for 30 days during the renewal process.  This public notice is the same as a site specific permit public notice.  Once the Master General Permit template is renewed, applicable facilities can then seek discharge coverage/authorization under the Master General Permit.

Permits the department has placed on Public Notice as well as instructions for commenting on permits during Public Notice are available at http://dnr.mo.gov/env/wpp/permits/issued/wpcpermits-issued.htm.