Element 1 - ePermitting

The ePermitting online tool, in full effect Sept.1, 2012, with some exceptions, greatly reduces the wait time between submission of an application and issuance of the corresponding permit, allowing Department permit writers to focus on more complex site-specific permits. This will potentially reduce processing time for site-specific permits, promote the goals of the department, and allow for compliance with applicable permitting requirements. Land disturbance permits make up approximately 40 percent of all clean water permits.

Individuals may now go online, fill out their application, locate their project using a GIS program developed for this tool, submit payment, and receive their General Missouri State Operating Permit on the same day. To ensure the success of the ePermitting project, the department is using a phased approach. Currently, the sole General Missouri State Operating Permit available through this tool is the land disturbance/construction permit, MO-RA00000.  Later phases will incorporate modifications, renewals, and terminations for General Missouri State Operating Permits incorporated into the tool. Other modifications to the tool may be initiated soon to incorporate the process changes required by NPDES eReporting Rule, which became effective Dec. 20, 2015. Additionally, the ePermitting system will be developed to offer this level of online services for Sewer Extension Construction Permits and Permits-by-Rule.

To apply on-line for the Land Disturbance Permits, now available through ePermitting, the permittee or designated consultant will need the following:

  • Computer and high speed internet in order to use the GIS portion of the process,
  • A debit or credit card or checking account,
  • A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) must be developed prior to permit issuance from ePermitting,
  • A map of the project area that includes the entire contiguous area where land disturbance is to occur, and
  • Knowledge of the land disturbance activity to occur in a location that falls under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's jurisdictional waters.

To learn more about the ePermitting system or to apply for a permit, a permittee may go http://dnr.mo.gov/env/wpp/epermit/help.htm . Access to a tutorial, the user manual, and the link to begin application is provided.

With the implementation of ePermitting, it is anticipated that the majority of permits issued by the department will be automated. With further implementations in future phases of ePermitting and related projects, Missouri’s permit universe that permit writers draft individually will be reduced from approximately 16,000 to fewer than 3,500.