The CPP describes the Department of Natural Resources’ Water Protection Program's water quality programs, processes and planning activities, including the interconnectedness of these activities, by addressing each of the nine minimum federal CPP elements required under the Clean Water Act. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Region 7 may review the CPP from time to time. The program anticipates revisiting the CPP annually.

The Water Protection Program manages regulatory, permitting, engineering, monitoring and assessment and financial assistance programs and, through its enforcement program, takes compliance assistance actions or enforcement actions as necessary. Missouri's Continuing Planning Process revisions for 2014 reflect the ongoing planning processes for water quality and wastewater treatment within the Water Protection Program.

The 2014 CPP will address program processes as required and the opportunities for public participation in its various regulatory programs. Future web updates are anticipated as a result of the department's modernization and streamlining efforts.

The federal Water Pollution Control Act under Section 303 in the federal Clean Water Act of 1977 requires each state to maintain a Continuing Planning Process. Recognizing that program changes in policies and processes occur over time, the Clean Water Act requires that such changes are consistent with the act’s requirements. Missouri received approvals from EPA Region 7 for its original CPP in 1973, its revised CPP in1974 and its 2001-2005 CPP revisions in 2001.

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