Last updated March 19, 2018


Several options exist for people to earn credit hours toward renewal of their certification as solid waste technicians. These options include:

* Attending the Solid Waste Technician Certification Course presented by the department. As explained above, class meets every March and September for the number of hours required for recertification. Participants must attend the course before their certification expires.
* Attending professional courses or training in the solid waste field and submitting documentation to the department's Solid Waste Management Program for approval of training.
* Attending educational sessions on solid waste-related topics at the annual Missouri Waste Control Coalition Conference.

Regardless of which method you choose to acquire recertification credit hours, you must accrue at least 10 hours of classes or training prior to the expiration of your three-year certificate to become recertified. The department's Solid Waste Management Program must approve training or class subjects in order for you to apply them toward recertification.