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During the 2019 legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly renewed the 50-cent scrap tire fee collected on the sale of new tires. Revenues generated from the scrap tire fee are deposited into the Scrap Tire Subaccount of the Solid Waste Fund. These funds are then made available as follows:

  • Up to 50% for enforcement, permitting and inspection
  • Up to 45% for grants
  • Up to 5% for education
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During Fiscal Year 2019, there were two scrap tire surface material grant offerings being made for the cost and delivery of scrap tire surface material.

Non-Playground Scrap Tire Surface Material Grants were available for running tracks, walking trails, equine/livestock stalls/riding areas and other similar projects.

Playground Scrap Tire Surface Material Grants are available for playground projects only.

Grant applicants will be notified of award and a Financial Assistance Agreement will need to be executed between the department and the grant recipient prior to any work being done on the project.

Potential End Use Projects for Scrap Tires

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