Scrap Tire Uses at the Missouri State Fair

scrap tires used for playground

The Scrap Tire Fee, a 50-cent-per-tire fee charged on new tires purchased in Missouri, funds various cleanup and end market development initiatives as well as permitting, inspection and enforcement activities. Since cleanup efforts started back in 1990, the department has cleaned up 1,386 scrap tire sites containing more than 17.6 million scrap tires. 

The department estimates there are more than 159,000 scrap tires remaining to be cleaned up throughout the state in 132 sites. There are likely 500,000 tires remaining in dump sites yet to be identified.

Up to 45 percent of the scrap tire fee is used annually for playground material grants and other market development activities. Crumb rubber can be used as cushioning on playgrounds and running tracks, reducing the number and severity of injuries. Playground surfacing can include mats, custom pour-in-place and shredded tire material. Virtually hundreds of products can be made from the rubber in scrap tires, including swings, picnic tables, park benches, shoes, bags, artwork, tire-derived fuel and livestock matting.

The scrap tire grant program has awarded a total of $1,863,991 to 319 playground and running track grantees, as of 2011. These projects consumed a total of 8,913 tons of scrap tire material.

During 2011 the department worked with the Missouri State Fair Commission to showcase various surfacing materials – mule and horse stall mats, playground tiles, park benches and picnic tables from scrap tires. Use this Map of State Fair to look for sites where these scrap tire materials were used.

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