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Last updated Jan. 13, 2020

The audit process is an important component of the department’s oversight of solid waste management district grant funds. To carry out this responsibility, the department contracts with independent audit firms for performance audits pursuant to (260.325.10, RSMo). These contract audits review the procedures and policies each district uses for district operations and projects conducted by district staff or subgrantees.

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District Performance Audit Documents (For Periods Ending 2011)

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State Audit Report

In September 2013, the Office of the State Auditor of Missouri conducted an audit of the department’s Solid Waste Management Program (SWMP). The audit included a review of SWMP's procedures for monitoring the expenditure of funds provided to Solid Waste Management Districts and other subgrantees. Audit staff conducted specific on-site reviews of four of the 20 Solid Waste Management Districts and noted findings in their report.

February 2006 Report