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Streambank Stabilization
A portion of the parks, soils and water sales tax is used for Missouri landowners to install soil and water conservation practices through the state cost-share program. These practices conserve soil, which consequently improves water quality by reducing sedimentation in rivers and streams.

The governor signed House Bill 250 on June 26, 2009, which allowed water quality best management practices that were successfully implemented in the AgNPS SALT program to become available statewide. This expanded the number of conservation practices available statewide in Missouri.

How will these practices benefit you?

  • Keep your valuable topsoil by reducing soil erosion
  • Get the best use of your natural water resources and protect them from pollutants
  • Develop the best nutrient and pest management plan for your needs with less runoff, therefore, protecting local streams
  • Install a rotational grazing system that benefits your livestock, water resources, land  and time
  • Through irrigation, efficiently and uniformly apply water to control runoff and conserve water supplies and appropriately apply nutrients and chemicals. 
  • Recycle animal waste for use on agricultural land
  • Protect your groundwater

Conservation practices can save you time and money and increase your farm’s production while protecting the overall natural environment of the state.

Cost-Share Brochure