Section 319 of the 1987 amendment of the Clean Water Act requires states to establish a nonpoint source (NPS), program.  States are to identify their NPS impaired or threatened water resources (e.g., 303(d) and 305(b) reports), and develop and implement controls to improve or prevent water quality impacts to those specified waters.  States are to report progress and success in implementing programs and controls, and to the extent possible, report on water quality improvements.

Nonpoint Source
Management Plans
Annual Reports
2015-2019 2017 (to be developed)
2016 (under EPA review)
2000 (Revised 2002) 2014

This document is revised every five years to reflect current conditions. Contact the Department of Natural Resources' Soil and Water Conservation Program at 573-751-4932 for more information.

From 2011 through 2014, EPA conducted a national reform of the Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management Program.  All state programs, including Missouri's, are impacted by this reform and are undergoing changes.  A nonpoint source management plan has recently been developed to reflect new state and national priorities.

The NPS annual report are submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and various stakeholders. The information reported captures activities between Oct. 1 and Sept. 30 of the federal fiscal year.

ap of Missour's major watersheds at the 8-digit HUC level.To meet the requirements of the Section 319 NPS Program, Missouri annually reports on the state's progress in meeting the goals outlined in the Nonpoint Source Management Plan.  The document also captures various NPS activities within each of the 66 major watersheds of the state (see map to left).

Section 319 of the Clean Water Act establishes a national program to address pollution from stormwater runoff, which is technically known as nonpoint sources of water pollution. Nonpoint sources of water pollution are the leading causes of water quality degradation in the United States. Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act specifically authorizes the U.S. Environmental Protextion Agency to award grants to states with approved Nonpoint Source Management Program Plans. As required by Section 319(h), each state’s Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan describes the state program for nonpoint source management and serves as the basis for how funds are spent in addressing nonpoint source pollution.