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All regulated underground storage tanks, or USTs, must be registered with the department

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Petroleum Storage Tank Registration Form (MO 780-1782) (07/13)

An underground storage tank is a tank and any underground piping connected to the tank that has at least ten percent of its combined volume underground. The UST regulations apply only to the USTs and piping storing either petroleum or certain hazardous substances.

Some underground storage tanks are not regulated
The following USTs are excluded from regulation and, therefore, do not need to meet the requirements for USTs:

  • Farm and residential tanks of 1,100 gallons or less capacity holding motor fuel used for noncommercial purposes;
  • Tanks storing heating oil used on the premises where it is stored;
  • Tanks on or above the floor of underground areas, such as basements or tunnels;
  • Septic tanks and systems for collecting Stormwater and wastewater;
  • Flow-through process tanks;
  • Tanks of 110 gallons or less capacity; and
  • Emergency spill and overfill tanks.

For all regulated USTs, you must have a current registration on file with DNR. To ensure accurate information is reflected in the Missouri Tank Database, owners are required to submit an amended registration form whenever changes are made to a UST system including name or ownership changes. Hazardous Waste Download Files are available to check the accuracy of your information.

Refer to Chapter 319.100-139 RSMo of the Missouri Revised Statutes for complete information regarding UST registration requirements.

For detailed information and the official requirements, please review the Code of State Regulations. A copy of the official rules can be obtained from the Missouri Secretary of State's Office at 573-751-4015.