Site Description

The Sporlan Valve Plant 1 site is a four-acre vacant lot located in a residential neighborhood at 611 E. Seventh St., Washington, Franklin County, Mo. Sporlan Valve Company operated a valve manufacturing facility at the site from 1939 to approximately 2005. Sporlan used trichloroethylene (TCE) during the manufacturing process as a degreaser. Analytical data confirms TCE has contaminated the soil and groundwater, which has migrated beneath nearby residential homes. The full extent of the groundwater plume has not been delineated. Nine public drinking water wells are located within four miles of the site. Vapor intrusion sampling by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and EPA identified concentrations of TCE that exceed health-based action levels at various residences.

Vapor intrusion mitigation systems have been installed on 19 private residences to eliminate potential exposure to TCE vapors. Drinking water monitoring has confirmed that TCE-related contamination is not impacting the public water system serving the area. Additional investigations are necessary to identify the full extent of contamination and long-term cleanup solutions.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Natural Resources met with local officials and hosted a public meeting June 5, 2018. The community provided positive feedback about proposing the Sporlan site for the National Priorities List, EPA’s list of priority hazardous substance sites eligible for long-term cleanup financed under the federal Superfund program. EPA is the lead agency for the site, with support from the department. On Sept. 11, 2018, EPA announced the Sporlan Valve Plant #1 site was proposed for addition to the National Priorities List.

The proposal in the Federal Register contains a comment period, which ends Nov. 13, 2018. Comments can be submitted online to EPA.

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