Last updated July 21, 2017

Top of Mulberry well treatment system

In order to ensure the TCE plume remains contained and does not spread to other city or private wells, the city of Camdenton has constructed a simple, effective way to remove the TCE from the water. Water is discharged by the Mulberry Well pump and exits through a perforated PVC pipe contained in a plastic culvert. As shown in the photo on the left, water is being sprayed in many directions from the white circle. By having the water sprayed from the pipe, it is aspirated which adds air to evaporate the TCE.

Mulberry well treatment system troughs and rocks

The aspirated water then exits through a series of corrugated plastic troughs with spaced rocks to aid the aspiration of the water. As the water flows down the hill, it flows over and around rocks, over the ridges of the corrugated plastic and runs off each trough to the next, all of which add air to help evaporate the TCE. The amount of TCE in the air is very small and dilluted, and no longer a health concern.

Mulberry well treatment system flowing into stream

Testing has shown that TCE has been removed from the water prior to discharge from the system into the stream. The city of Camdenton is currently investigating the Mulberry Well to determine the depth at which the contamination is occurring. This would allow the city to only pump out the contaminated water zone while sealing out the uncontaminated zones. By doing that, it would then lessen the amount of water that has to be pumped to keep the contamination from spreading to other private or public drinking water wells in the area.