Last updated July 7, 2017


As you may be aware, Missouri is one of the states that will be a prime viewing location for the solar eclipse traversing the nation on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017. Planning for this event, particularly in regard to transportation concerns, has been underway for the past few months. Therefore; in light of the Solar Eclipse crossing Missouri on Aug. 21, companies that plan low level waste truck shipments should strongly consider adjusting shipping dates to avoid Missouri highways on Monday, Aug. 21. This consideration in your planning is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email if you have further questions.


Fees should be received by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102 prior to the shipment entering the state. 

Shippers and Carriers will need to register on the Citizens Application Gateway (CAG).

For access to the low-level radioactive shipment portion of CAG, please fill out, sign and send the Registration for Low-Level Radioactive Waste Shipper/Carrier Form, Form--MO 780-2663 to Low level radioactive waste shipment fees are payable through CAG at time of shipment request.

Payment Options for Highway Route Controlled Quantity (HRCQ) Shipments

For high-level shipments, HRCQ shipments, spent nuclear fuel or transuranic material shipments, notification and fee payment should be received at least seven days prior to the shipment entering the state. Please contact the department at 573-751-3907 or via email at for further instructions.